Religious Quagmire
Religious Quagmire

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Warning:  Strong Content

  On this page, I'll first include three sets of instructions that may help to get properly involved in, or become more proficient in, living. It’s not the way I made it to be. It’s not the way I wish it were. It’s just the way it is.

I'll try to make my instructions easy to understand, but also as specific as possible. If you find yourself indignant, furious, and/or spiteful; rest assured I am not implying what you believe I mean.

The universally referred to Trinity is of Our Father in heaven’s creation; His Son, Christ of engendered humanity; and His Holy Spirit of wholehearted Love throughout. (1 Corinthians chapter 13)

For what it’s worth; when you notice someone acting ‘snooty’ or oddly pleasant, he or she is believing falsehoods about you. Always ask. Managing your own business is not found in overtaking another's affairs. We, oftentimes, work to make jealous of us whomever we envy.


> Enjoy doing everything you do for God's sake. [Never steal]


> Refrain from talking about anyone in their absence - always speak to others in their presence. [Always remember where you are]


> If you are not married - keep your pants on. [Consider what you want others to notice and/or remember about you]

  If you are married - keep your ring on. [Consider what you want God to notice and/or remember about you]


  These are the personally functional aspects of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Do not make anyone into your "Jesus". He or she cannot live up to it. There is only One Who is our victory as we trust Him through helping our loved ones unto Him. And remember, the term 'kindness' means: sharing our faith-fullness, with empathy, for who each of us is in Christ, according to our personal commitments.

Feeding community norms (usual outlook) to hopefully produce and enforce behavioral regulation standards we are told, “You do not see yourself as others see you.” The problem with that is others look at any of us as through a funhouse mirror. It causes us to look at ourselves in the same way; we do, then, not see ourselves as we are.

Nice or naughty, (presented as right/wrong) are faith diverted to worldly idolatrous conceptual religious conveniences, embraced by societal convention, designed to create behavioral values. It forces a ‘time out’ style of overseeing into deliberately personal emotional pains of conflict for 'purging' people into compliance with customary pubic controls. It is not mostly everything involved, but all things people intimately consider.

Men and women correlate each their own ‘private parts’ messes that come about during the courses of function(s) with the identity of those same gender identifying organs. What is ‘down there’ (and ‘up there’ for women) is traditionally and universally called “nasty”, “dirty”, “unmentionable”, “filthy”, and so on to where proper dignified maintenance and cleansing is associated with fears and schismatic belief in special ways not godly.

Visual focus then speaks of what might be and what might have been rather than what is. The sacred, holy, and naturally expressed glow of generally recognized gratitude to welcome togetherness falls into the profane by that confused identification with cleanliness combined with the bodily sources that generate need for personal upkeep. Privacy, then, is misconstrued as visual decency to give an impression of proper hygiene sensibilities.

However, privacy  is designed not for hiding a mess but for focused uninterrupted attention away from publicly perplexing interference - to stay above allowing a mess to degrade into a muddle of mockery. Therefore, men and women entertain a haughty disregard for the opposite sex’s individual privacy not comprehending their shared responsibilities to mutual life.

That is found through respect, moderation, and the graces of sense extended in faith to  each other. Personal concern stops short of cultural opinion that sets out, mostly unwittingly, to lose who each of us is to what is thought to be uncouth. For example, to illustrate how the dance of courtship (marriage being the true beginning stage of courtship) in human living can be a joy, or brought into contempt and scorn;

…depending upon who it is that tries to gain self-stability by hoping others will be lemmings to their fear abatement hopes (those who entertain a ‘dirty’ mind). A man has three stages to his instinctual lifecycle: As a child he sees ‘mybe’, and adult ‘mebe’, and married ‘webe’. A woman has three stages to her instinctual lifecycle:

As a child she sees ‘mywho’, an adult ‘youwho’, and married ‘wewho’. When a man refers to his wife he is referring to his ‘wewhobe’ and when a woman refers to her husband she is referring to her ‘webewho’. (Yes, the puns are intended not meant for condescension.)

What we do see when considering our own living is a hodgepodge of confusion that attempts to please the varied conflicting differences around us. That is why it is necessary to hold to promises of intimate commitment, the privately held transparent open honesty which God in Christ expects for His healing in our lives. What a couple chooses to do and share becomes properly, that way, nobody else’s business.

Culture in society does not make up who a man or woman are. A man or woman makes up the cultural societies they inhabit. Because of that a man should recognize fully, and never deny, his manhood determinations and a woman should fully recognize her womanhood not denying personal determinations. Of course, both representing their own natural physical expression contain a created knowing that temporal social patterns cannot emulate to form.

If you experience anger concerning the following suggestion, it will reveal to you I am correct; your self-elation is, without exception, based in overriding hidden resentment:

Anyone confused about which door to use during intimate activities is also confused about God’s pro-creative reasons a man and a woman are so well endowed with their complimentary designs. That means the meanings associated with love and loving are adversely distorted and lose their foundational aspects of why love exists.

Taught almost universally is that our 'raging hormones' are evil. That we should not be properly responsive to what our instinct encounters. That causes a double mindedness where religion and the world conflict in concert to push libido over the edge away from righteousness. We have come to think the word ‘sensual’ means to be sexually aroused without realizing it means denying God in our living.

It does not mean to deny the natural stirrings that occur in genuine responses to those we admire or have an attraction toward. Putting under subjection the flesh, therefore, is not to deny God’s created expressions; it is to relish in His guidelines of gratification to be wholeheartedly thankful we are physically genuinely stirred up noticing what we like and have our relations with whom we do.

That is what naturally focuses our directions to who it is God has in His will for us to respect. A thought to be ‘old wives tale’, “Keep that up and you will go blind!” obviously is not true physically, it is true spiritually. Little known and much less than that considered at all is a man loses his authoritative respect for his own authority from God in Christ by making self-focused what is designed to be shared in intimacy with his loving partner.

Furthermore, the admonition applies to a woman differently where blindness to forthright appreciation of nature’s orders of authority comes about through selfish focus on inner, and not outer individually private gratification. Be careful to not let 'working off tensions' get in the way of being with the one you love. For both a man and a woman, and/or either, moderation in all things through faith-active sensibility to honor commitment re-orders the reasons for any goings-on unto God.

He sent His Son into the world to save the man from the woman and the woman from herself through the man. Though the reality of Eve’s disloyalty to Adam seems to unfairly burden women, consider that a woman’s husband, by choice of bond, is fully responsible to God in Christ for anything and everything his wife finds herself involved. They both have the God given personal will of responsibility expressed in entirely different ways.

Generally, considering that “opposites attract” for the understanding, a man’s flesh nature (attitude of approach) is ‘hard’ and soulfully (spiritually) ‘soft’; while a woman’s nature is instinctually ‘soft’ and intuitionally ‘hard’. Their respective strengths and comforts are a dynamic dance of interactive stancing where sparks fly kindling the flares of controversy – and adversarial fires are doused in melding together.

Want it blunt? People equate physical sexual morality as the banner standard for godly wisdom. It is… godly-ish, in the sense that personal and public controls use His commanded sensibilities to form and maintain customary rules. This gives to people the ideas that they are master of their destinies while they assume God, and in Christ, merely supplies the stop-gap teeth of force of controls - the strengths of mutual behavioral respect.

‘On the other hand,’ Godly morality, as is declared often in scripture, is not the wisdom of man, and woman, kind. His senses of decency are heights above orienting one’s self to validation according to the acts of the flesh. Usually people will be angry with others for their own hidden failures, but not always. To ‘mortify’ the deeds of the flesh, as the bible suggests (Romans 8:13 – Colossians 3:5), is to manage your natural urges by choice.

It is not to deny your responsive instinctual desires to keep those urges from managing you… as eons of religious tradition proclaims needs be done to live in ‘Righteousness’. Paul wrote Romans, particularly chapters 7 and 8, to witness of the freedom in Christ’s victory in fleshly living – not for the purpose to deny God’s created pleasures a man and woman must deal with as they interact day-to-day.

When the core of personal recognition, for one’s self and by others, finds its viability in deciding anybody’s worth or lack of same based in what one or another has allowed sexually, there is a loss of understanding about who anybody is to those who care for them and whomever they may be caring for, for God’s sake (in their events of experience this would also include the usual “He or she’s not Christian doing something like that!” about smoking, drinking, cussing, attire etc. on into whether one is thought to be rude).

Seemingly unconnected, but culturally significant, is the choice we have to respond to overt and/or vaguely suggestive sexual innuendos with an unusual dignity. Whether we believe an innuendo is intentional or not, there is no way to decide what the hidden motives for such ideas are. Actively applying our faith to what is at hand, we can see that our internal spiritual body holds sway over our external flesh body. What is on the inside controls what is on the outside.

All things spoken can be taken positively, negatively, worldly or godly… self-focused (introversion) or other-focused (extroversion). So, receiving such attentions as appreciative ‘good wishes’ eliminates the insult. Resentful hostility dissolves away when ‘consider the source’ is applied with kindness and honest acceptance of attentions misdirected.

Refusing to accept as an affront what is obviously, in many cases, designed to take advantage of our sensible expectations, takes control from others' deriding projected self-loathing and places our strengths of fortitude into thankfulness that lifts up Christ’s witness with those around us. Lest there is a namby-pamby folding into a ‘rule of nice’, this does not mean we do not have the viable option to directly apply our personal fury against those who defame our uprightness.

Though it is commonly understood that all these things are generally, and specifically, wrong for pristine and wholesome living, and the body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, it must be understood that life and living is a faith issue of trust in Christ’s mercy of grace – as we go through the moments of a day. Using fear of consequences as motivation for others to conform to projected desires is the same as guilt manipulation. It requires overextending interest away from shamefaced self-interested communal compliance onto those others.

Thereby, it progressively more removes the courtesy of respectful dignity that avoids delving into their place(s) of faith-active trust in not only Christ, but those who attempt to hold authority through negative pressures. In practice it furthermore necessitates forming marker, or ‘brand’, categories where people are thought to be whatever is wrong it is wished upholds the opposite by comparison for those in positions of control.

This is why He says “70 times 7" about forgiveness. It is also where the promises of matrimony are not properly to be used as excuse to disband a union. The vows are precisely for the opposite: To give a viable and sure platform for ongoing redemption… no matter what. It is supposed, in the knowledge of good and evil that believes in the 'rules of God', that seriousness is holiness while humour is worldly and ungodly. That is not the case.

The Devil, not God, works to make robots (lobots) of people and he's fairly well practiced at it. A man is role-playing a ‘whoremonger’ when he is intimately entertaining a woman not his wife. A woman is role-playing a ‘slut’ when she is intimately entertaining a man not her husband. What that means is, when we characterize another person we are making ourselves into a cartoon.

Either is neither in their forthright honesty when intimately entertaining their companioning spouse. Too often both a man and woman of a marriage get into a rudeness competition just to show how preposterous their argument is. Counteracting anguish over 'insult' is found in exuberance for goodness sake. Allowing the humour of hyperbole in the midst of fury to relieve pressures can do wonders for re-establishing respectful perspectives.

Tell the truth and put the devil to shame. We are not of the world but we are in the world. This gives to us the freedom to not be identified with the things of the world. Rather, we are identified with our chosen intended companion in marriage to choose our decisions with regard to the things and ways of the world... without those things becoming one with who we are.

Who we are are a created people, with the gift of will to arrange and use the world for our better service, and be glad for the integrity to be one with another unto God. Activities, possessions, and our faith-active application of desires must never be for trophy gathering. Otherwise, our compassions will atrophy and our righteous thoughtful assurance (active trust-worthiness, or naturally applied faith) will be misplaced.

Accordingly, do anything you wish or want to do… honestly and wholeheartedly, only because you want to do whatever it is. Simply ask without ulterior motives. Expect either a “Yes” or “No” and, when asked… only respond with a “Yes” or “No” without conditions. Never do anything because someone else wants you to (except for your spouse) – and by all means keep your mouth shut about it except in privacy with your husband or wife who God expects you to please.

relationship formula


  While business is always, if conducted properly, a 50%/50% work-for-wage proposition between an employee and his or her employer; marriage, as well as attentive conversation, is a 100%/100% endeavor. Every situation is different, but "business is business" when it comes to basic realities that apply to everyone.

In the proper course of any job’s progression, start with the hard stuff and work your way to the easy stuff. It flows better that way. It has been said, “Talent consists of 10% preparation and 90% perspiration… and lots of help where you can find it!”:

Suppose a man owns a business. Since he is married, the business also belongs to his wife - and it should.

Because God melded the man and woman together as an uncompromising one of two - via their wedding vows connected with His promises, each still has particular and unique aspects of who they are, as shared. Without one or the other the business of the marriage does not function very well.

Their vocational interest is a retail clothing store where there are thousands of customers waiting to shop - but the doors are closed because the inventory the customers want to buy has not been stocked.

The business, at this point, has tremendous potential because the customers are quite ready to buy. Of course, from profits of sales is the owners' income to buy food, clothes, house, cars, etc... making sure the bills are paid.

In this scenario it is a private business where any income belongs to the business owner and his wife - they can do with their money whatever they desire as they decide together. It is no one else's business what they do with their income no matter how much they want what they have or how jealous they may be over their successes.

The place the wife has in the business is her taste in clothing and her experience in understanding what to choose others may desire to buy. There is no one in God's creation that has her particular qualities to be for the business as she can be. If there were, then she would be someone else and so would the man.

Because the husband has the aptitude and ability to run the business, but not his wife's talents in choosing what to stock in the store, he cannot order merchandise without his wife. There is, of course, a sharing of their talents and experiences where she is helping him make business decisions while he is helping her make merchandise decisions. That is what makes the clothing store where the surrounding community of people wants to shop.

The commerce of personally living day to day is not about what can or cannot be done. It is about how to do what needs to be done. This is where personal interests respond delightfully to the duties of promise and where marriage is a witness to others.

God forbid anyone should interfere.

"We reserve the rights to refuse sales and/or service to anyone for any reason."

"What will you have me do?"

   Everyone understands working a job for a company. Private business is patterned, necessarily because of God's design of nature, after the arrangement of God's Kingdom. Any project will automatically raise simple questions about particulars. Partners, owners, and managers who are not being asked those straight forward honest questions are being taken advantage of in some way. Two reasons are why: Either the reluctant person is afraid/intimidated or is stealing you blind. Sometimes it is both.

An employee says to a manager, “What will you have me do?” just as a manager says to a business owner, “What will you have me do?” This does not discourage reasonable input from employee to manager and manager to owner since customer contact is more in the employee’s hands than it is the manager’s, and a manager is closer to a customer’s request than the owner. However, an owner is most connected to the customer through the obedience of his employees to his wishes.

However, an owner is most connected to the customer through the obedience of his employees to his wishes. Since business is a support for and to the family, the structure of God’s alignment of authority, echoed by business, is founded in the workings of a family. This is not to say a family should be run like a business – it is to say a family should be run according to God’s designs of respect and obedience.

A business functions in a limited way compared to the wide-ranging functions of a family. Children are responsible to their parents in learning what it means, and how, to work. Parents’ responsibilities to teach their children to work with regard to respect for values and purposes begins before they have children; and continues on from, decisions to remove one’s clothes when venturing into personal, intimate, consummation of marriage.

Simply, and sensibly, get married first. As Jesus Christ said to His, and our, Heavenly Father, “What will you have me do?” or “Nevertheless, not my will but Thine be done,” a man will say to Christ, “What will you have me do?” A woman married to a man will say to the man, “What will you have me do?” and the children will say to the parents, in respect to their oneness in marriage, “What will you have me do?” It is why a woman will tell a child, “Go ask your father.”

A man will not say to a child, “Go ask your mother,” except in instances where the matter is of her particular concern. Ideally, neither of the parents should tell the child to inquire of the other parent because the child should know whom to go to for any matter – as children respond to one parent in any situation, they are responding to both parents because both parents are one in marriage unto God.

As a faithing man is enfolded into Christ’s resurrection, along with his wife who is one with him, God’s power of Will is imparted through the obedience of faith-action to all members of a family with respect to the position each family member holds. This is where a woman has the authority in marriage through the man to make decisions of her own choosing. And, it is where the children of a married couple have the authority of the family name to make wise decisions in life.

Surroundings and circumstances taunt and sway any family members away from the purpose(s) of marriage and the family unto God. It causes conflict brought into a household that can be resolved in prayer and orderly respect, for Who God is to each of the family members, according to their position of authority. Given this, the respect for who each is into each other for God's sake, will bring the appreciations of personal cares and concerns that cast aside turmoil and malcontent.

Being a Showoff

   Being serious about life and living, as if God wants us to ride the herd over evil, denies His divine senses of humour we can find in an honest appreciation with our blessings. Rather than being serious to a fault where we are driven by pressures, resentment, and jealousies from indignant “make it right through hardship” punishers, we can see where being sincere in our joys of display should not prevent, but encourage, such display.

Showing off what one is glad to have, because of the thrills accompanying delight with good things, flies in the face of worldly wisdom associated with the self esteem and pride of personal accomplishment where it is an unsavory insult to flaunt one’s wares in the face of public scrutiny.

It is as wrong as wrong can be to be a showoff to prod others into feeling intimidated over not having as we have, and/or to place ourselves into the false graces of compatibility with people’s belief in accomplishment as avenues to acceptance. Showing off to gloat about one’s supposed superiority causes a desired (yes, desired, not undesired because of compensation for self loathing) contempt from others.

It pushes emotions and thoughts of success into self worship through the worship of the things we have acquired. Many times this negative ‘positive’ elation is an attempt to cover shame of guilt caused by the lies and thievery used to snake out from one’s prey what is proudly touted as being one’s own reward. A self proclaimed reward for deserving to have and use what we see others of accomplishment have and use.

The main reason various types of public display, showoff, is usually discouraged is to keep the peace of mutual respect amid public rules of decency about agreed upon personal presentation and activity (civil law), where the intent of such displays most often is from overindulgence in some or another untoward illicit behavior.

The blurred underhanded abuse of the rights of privacy everyone mutually agrees to separately share (except for the open exclusive unity a man with a woman in marriage shares) bends the truth of respectful privacy into the secrecy of disrespectful intrusion.  Everyone inherently knows and feels the differences between sneaking and privacy in ways, with practice, defense of privacy will hold an aggressive barrier against sneaking.

Defending one’s own privacy is actually accomplished, spiritually, by defending the privacy of others by not sneaking into their interests, belongings, and concerns. People do not take to being startled and surprised with unexpected diversions that may insult their sensibilities, take their rightful gain, or ruin their reasons for having and using.

So, as in many things that occupy our interests, our expenses to stay safe and secure are a continual paying for the ill and criminal elements manifesting through family, friends, neighbors, enemies… just about anyone who has yet to find their faith walk in God through Christ’s leading.

When others have difficulty accepting our difference in living as the Holy Spirit manifests His Truth of being through our responses to what we are given throughout a day, we must not believe their rejection of what we do is a personal rejection. Satan surely believes in the concept, “It’s just business.”

Most public, and increasingly private, social controls are implemented to defend a belief in inferiority and shyness as the essence of tolerance, empathy, and respect. The push for self-edification to be personally happy, without interpersonal responsibilities for position and duty unto those who require of us for God’s sake, opens the doors of right vs. wrong where we work our emotional intellect to achieve the sorting out of who we should be as rightful legitimate deserving citizens.

That is why, without trusting God through Christ’s Word of who we are in Him, we are bound to our fears by striving to do right in order to avoid the consequences of doing wrong. Subsequently, what we have and do not have becomes the reason for behaving in ways that we hope will bring us better things. It causes us to fear what people will think of us, that they will look at us disapprovingly, and we will be disrespected for making fools of ourselves.

But, being a showoff, openly displaying a natural honest joy over and about the blessings the fruits of honest labor bring, and the undeserved gifts we may have whether of the mind, flesh, material possessions, or anything else that God is pleased to allow us to enjoy having, are reasons enough to buck general public opinion concerning what our life in Christ means to them.

Certainly, God knows and understands in intimate detail why we may feel compelled to righteously express our integrity in showing off our victories by shouting from the mountaintop, on our streets, or anywhere else what we find personally, ecstatically, invigorating.

The well known admonition, “Moderation in all things” bodes well to give credence to patience and leeway with those who are showing off their vigor over existence in being lifted up in their spirit by experiences that result from God’s will to bestow His desires for our well being and answers to our requests.

At the same time we must retain the wary caution that, what seems to be honest joy, may in fact be an acting out of the usual self-motivated acts of vandalism, riot, intentional public disturbance, and criminal mayhem that accompanies an “us against them” mentality steeped in the worldly wisdom of the knowledge of good and evil.

This is where social expedience, the rule of law, is oppressive to the robust free expression of natural honest being, and is at once and always complimentary and contradictory in this temporal world, to both the unfulfilled Law of Moses and the fulfilled Law of Grace through faith in Christ, respectively. Yet, we endure for His sake without needing to, the holding off of much of our exuberance for times eternal.

Thus, depending in situations and circumstances concerning where, when, and why, and most decidedly because of whom, freedoms in and through faithful expressions may take the forms of intentional restrained elegance or any lesser levels of appearance and/or activity we choose to engage ourselves.

The guidance we may find to extract our sensibilities away from social mires is to understand that perception does not make reality. Truth of reality leads perception. As perception is understood for its benefits in growing fruits from the seeds of faith truth of reality gives, the excitement involved with being aware of being tempts one’s pride to rely in perceptions.

This is when perception starts leading the truth of reality and reality fades from awareness with the truth it holds to lead perception. Thankfulness to our Creator becomes thankfulness to what He has created. We appreciate His pressures of gravity that hold all things equally continuing while forgetting the gravity we enjoy has a higher purpose than giving to us a place to be in our defense of being.

Any person’s perspectives of practicable choices, based in perception as the producer or mechanism of truth of reality, are attained from the combination of two elements: the primary positional awareness (the perceived state of one’s surroundings as applied to expectations from others, which any chosen actions are going to affect) and the adjustment rules (which state how any chosen action will change positional awareness, according to a person’s perception).

This reflects ways, but does not personify Gospel transformation works to instill truth of reality in anyone’s heart of understanding. But, striving to save oneself by God in order to suit social standards of perception removes the ongoing present will of God to lead and guide.

This follows that deception, through appealing to a person’s emotionally driven calculated thinking to sustain a sense of self determined rights (especially God blessed given rights from His promises in response to our promises to Him), could take place by purposely manipulating either their adjustment rules or their primary positional awareness, or both for maximized results.

Yet, the purpose of deception is to substitute one’s aims to those of the victim – as people substitute God’s aims for their own as if they are His aims. People are deceived into fantasy as reality by a dark oppressor entity and his cohorts becoming extensions of his ‘will’ of anti-truth of reality (antigravity).

When it is considered that everyone (anyone) is caught in the personal conflict between the influences to their soul by the will of their instinctual flesh person awareness, and the will of their spontaneously faith reactive will of their created spirit person awareness, it naturally follows that each person is at battle with not only themselves, but all faithless others too, where controlling one’s self to maintain order, dignity, and beneficial purposes requires others to do the same.

This false faith is a sense of solidarity to standards of faith precepts where a false doubt resists any variation to set social standards by vying for independently derived emotional thought. Since the imaginary varieties of personal perspectives in a population are infinitely distorted in their leading the shards, fragments, and pieces of truth of reality, there comes the forces of social order (and the fears to contradict such social order) to attempt to make sense of the chaos of misdirected truth of reality by “the pride of the eyes and the lusts of the heart”.

So, then, the things a society centers on in their public discourse about what is socially accepted necessarily requires rules that attempt to categorize what people do that is acceptable as opposed to what people do that is not. These rules of social standards mostly focused in and on appearances, being an answer to perception’s false leading of truth of reality, mirror the natural good ends of truth of reality in a fantasy that works to find safety, security, peace and prosperity through the means.

Now, this means that the means of truth of reality that works through faith-ful reliance in God to be Who He is in Christ are in His trustful hands in opposition to the perceptions driven unity of rules any society, including traditional organized church associations, uses to try to be a people in their own strengths and self perpetuating emotional/intellectual survival.

Romans chapter 14

Cannibal Island

To illustrate how one person can be right in opposition to the whole of a society in wrong, suppose a man were to be shipwrecked on an island where the native tribes were warring cannibals. As long as he were to eat what he wished as a guest no harm would come to him. However, as soon as he started preaching the ills of bloodthirsty feeding on others and the driving fears of dying behind it, he would be in sore danger of being eaten while having his own fears for the lives of those eating him most painfully confirmed.


O merciful God, bless our household sanctuaries of promised intentions throughout the world; enlighten our understandings with the attentions of right directions of focus. Govern our wills in doing as we wish for the right reasons; for who we are to those we are committed, and those who may be in our immediate awareness. Heal strife, divisions, and discord in the established priorities of marriage, family, and neighborly respect.

Apply Your strengths of grace and vibrant satisfaction quality craftsmanship brings in and of the opportunities physical/social/financial workplaces provide… in our thankful gratitude for humanizing and refining Your perfect love and holy peaceful vitality in this world. Bless our witness to others, through Your naturally applied Word of translation for each, who may be seeking sincere appreciation for the freedoms we allow in our respective responsibilities.

Help us to honor You by those we honor and accept our heartfelt thankfulness for the provisions of life’s awareness and the abilities to understand purpose in being. Lord, let us not live to be useless; for Christ’s sake. In the dignities of our name(s) justified through faith in Your Name: Amen


Turn your cell phone off, and leave it off, for a full day once a week.


"Life's tough...
it's even tougher if you're stupid." ~ John Wayne


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“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.”    ~ Native Tribal Wisdom