Rights to Ask

Why didn't you tell me before!
Ezekiel 33:1-10 / Matthew 16:19

Proposal Etiquette

Did you ask?

   When we ask of another we need to make sure we are asking the right question being careful not to load our inquiry in such a way we ignore what it means to whom we are asking. Ask the ‘wrong’ question and the answer received might well be what we expect to achieve, but it does not answer what another has to offer or what is shared honestly together. When we risk our faith enough there is a fear at first (and perhaps continually) that we may not be getting what we believe will please us. Even so, as the good book says, we will most likely be getting a personally delightful blessing we do not expect to have trying to think for someone who is quite able to think for themselves.

   That is where the phrase, ‘every cloud has a silver lining’ applies; not as is usually thought applied to coping through tough times and difficult circumstances of hardship presumed to be ‘God’s will to teach a lesson’. Often having people pay for our ideas of insult trusts ‘nice is right’ rather than the more faithful, “right is right no matter how we feel about it.” Godless godliness believes being nice instead of naughty is a worldly christian idealism, a way of group consistency and not Christ-like trust in Him. Its falsehood is the misapplication of our will as God’s will in the  of deception people use to lord it over others to rid themselves of inconvenience.

   ‘Jesus’ ideas, those pulling rank of individualism, social peace, unified justice, or whatever is used to make excuses to gain selfish advantage, stands in as a diversion for what we do to deny people their victorious release from bad situations; in their as well as our combined faith-active blessings through our own obedience to God with respect to theirs. That can be easily seen knowing Jesus Christ is a Deliverer, a Healer, a Liberator and the Strength of our positive states of affairs… Who has paid the ‘whosoever will’ price for us. That being so, He is not requiring hardship of suffering for us to pay for His generosity and joys of recognition.

   The wholeness of life and vitality is already complete through faith in God in the fullness of His victory in Christ. The reason He ‘requires’ anyone and everyone to ask of Him in the name of Christ, and continues to require being asked, is to keep men and women away from falling out of natural appreciation into the unnatural temptations of the powers of prideful self-deification. Not as the adversary does, He will not invade any of our rights of will to do as we wish whether it be for His greater purposes or each our own particular interests.

   Where the friction comes into conflict with God’s leading will is not our naturally given physical desires. It is in allowing our fears to inhibit trust in those who depend upon us and trust us to uphold a sense of balance. We, then, are caught in judging our own desires, desires of others, and desires from God’s ongoing guidance, and evil non-human desires invading our attentions from an unnaturally invading spiritual realm. Without the discernment, given in response for the asking, from the Truth of God’s Word we cannot distinguish between human instinctual decisions and prompting from satanic pressures.

   Demonic pressures are not untoward desires of the flesh in the usually understood sense. They are influences that confuse loyalty with behavior. Satanic sway works to ‘guide’ a person’s attentions to be fearful about physical acts of self-expression with the intent to ignore loyalties. Whereas, godly acceptance of personal instinctual flesh desires with respect to the appreciations of Christ’s authority through those whom we are associated gives the proper perspectives needed to see the devil in circumstances for who he is.

   The sense of ownership of God’s gifts of creative enthusiasm many times leads to corruption of intent to where having a certain gift or power over nature is too impinging upon God’s amalgamation, respectfully, of each and everyone’s personal wills to choose in the Body of Christ. This is where the law of works gets ahead of the risks of faithful trust. In that we find any variety of scams designed to pry out from our yearning the submission to self-denial for the ‘better good’ of community standards.

   For example, many profit centered ministries will ‘without fail’ brow-beat listeners with messages of obedience to God with focus on personally private physical behaviors everybody knows in worldly wisdom are destructive to wholesome living. The purpose for this, by intruding wedges between men and women and their children (whether in direct suggestion or through monetary guilt management) is twofold: One, to establish and keep established community behavioral standards; two, to equate mammon with godliness in such a way that Christ is brought into the world rather than the world being lifted up into Christ.

   The undermining social battle throughout the ages since the Garden of Eden has been to disorient the orientation of the order of authority in personal desire. Again, the sham of a scam perpetrated by satan is focus on the symptoms of disobedience as if the resulting works of disrespect for one’s own place in authority are God’s desire to apprehend. The Bible teaches that acts of disobedience are not physically purposeful to throw aside right behaviors, but are the manifestation of dismayed frustration over inconsistencies in respect for who any of us is unto others, unto God, through Christ.

   Because the many membered body of Christ (1st Corinthians chapter 12) provides the latitude of full knowledgeable expression of faithful awareness, keeping God’s will of Authority in Christ responsive to ongoing decisions in mortal endeavors allows each person’s permissions to rightfully respect with others the purposes those permissions have throughout the Word of Creation. Therein, a husband and wife have the rights in unity of purpose, under the Authority of God in Christ, to ask of each other anything and everything. Whether there is a “Yes” or “No” is always a matter for open joint discussion in respect and prayer for reasons why.

   Any of their children have the rights of authority given to them by grace from God, through their parent’s joint decisions in dispensing God’s grace of rights to ask of them their wishes and what they may do to help their parents. Children are under God’s designed Authority to respect their parent’s decisions about what and whom they may or may not involve themselves. For a child, a ‘Yes” is a “Yes” and a “No” is a “No” where any changes from a “No” to a “Yes” or a “Yes” to a “No” is in the sole authority of both the parents to agree in decision. Children, in reliance in the authority of their parents in Christ, do not have the blessing of freedom to inquire of others not their parents without parental consent.

   A child may ask “Why” and either get an explanation or not – and be pleased with the decision(s) (though possibly disappointed) for respect of love to his or her parents. A man or woman may ask of their mate “Why” and are in full authority by, of, and in Christ to require a forthright explanation. Easily understood is that other family members, friends, neighbors, and convenient others in proximity, do not have the position and authority to be asked of, or to ask of, a husband and wife matters of personal nature. Those matters are exactly in the expectations Jesus Christ holds a man and woman responsible unto Him... to exercise their faith and endurance for His sake to rely in their married togetherness in asking of Him.

An inquiry into the importance of asking, rather than expecting without having to ask, may be found by dissecting for emphasis James 3:8-18, 4:1-8


Wallowing in the mire

   When people refer to ‘mob mentality’, it means that our faith protects us from the past and present of mortality unto a ‘future’ immortality; (or, when one notices what he or she has they took from others, they realize they know not what to want). Whereas trust through faith protects us for the present mortality as well as a hereafter immortality. So, being honestly open in asking another to help where help is needed is ignored when our desires are more in focus than who we are with. That is why who we are with depends upon our own committed reserved priorities based in promises made. Heard said by a woman in a bar, “I don’t like you because you are rude being honest! But, being nice and sensitive… I care enough to lie about everything. That is why a computer is like a toothbrush. Nobody else should be trying to use it!”

   When a group of people do not understand what living means, they will be dragging and pushing others out and away from their living. It is called, “The blind leading the blind.” It is the ‘job’ of us as well as those others with which we have responsibilities to acknowledge the limits of requests in regard to personal loyalties. When another does not suit what we desire, we project our anger at God toward those who do not fulfill our expectations. Then, because we know God is not the guilty party, we re-attribute our resentment to those we believe are in contradiction to our way.

   Doctrinal manifestations of religious organizations can be downright goofy in an ungodly way where ‘personal power’ “from God” are grossly misunderstood. For example, how many thousands of people in their emotionally self-righteous efforts to fit in with the crowd - especially some particular person he or she is doting to have as a ‘significant other’ - claim to be one of the two end-time witnesses as described in Revelations? Also, those who believe in a collective consciousness as if it is the body of Christ as following that false one, the author of confusion, who comes as an angel of light.

   In that,  how can anybody be bound by deliberate restriction for ‘purging unto salvation’ by those self-righteous ones who are stealing what God blesses others with… when Christ Himself died and rose again to set the captives free – especially when those held in derision are constrained by the lies and deceit of those who hold them captive? Mutual desire is not necessarily for a man and woman to give to each other the desire of their heart. Frankly, mutual desire for compatibility in decisions is counter-productive. A man’s place of responsibility is to give to his spouse the desire of her heart without her requiring him to have the same desire of heart; …and also, the other way round.

   We bless others for giving to us our desire and curse others when they do not comply with our own will. One of the joys of Christ’s redemption is He put an end to, “What goes around, comes around.” There are many who give professionalism a bad name by not respecting the purposes of their various positions. Leading someone on, stringing them along, is not leadership. It only seems like it; violating the reasons people trust in others to be forthright. Some make excuses not to be forthright, while dropping hints for people to ‘read their mind’, then blame them for not being considerate. Meanwhile, they refrain from doing what they desire because of what they believe others might think, say, or do.

   It is not that they are blind to it. Quite the contrary. It is how they take what people have and hold them responsible for what they lose; then wonder why many suffer with stress related health problems. (Thinking pattern: “You have never known anything about it. Not that it really was, or is, your business… even though you made it so – based on imaginative suppositions unto conclusions that interpret everything differently than I consider. That is why I do not know where you are or why you do what you do to tell me something that has to do with what you have in mind… while addressing nothing about who I am and my responsibilities you misunderstand enough to keep me from tending to.”)

   Soothing emotional warmth, and a “helpless poor me” painful struggling, to draw another into serving our desires, brings stiff upbraiding of their reluctance to automatically cater to our advances. The belief that people are impulsive and do not realize why they do what they do is a lot of why people are impulsive and do what they do without realizing why. Some people are addicted to gloating and set situations up in ways to gossip behind others backs. They screw people over harder and harder, ever further distancing themselves into the fantasies of self-destruction by destroying others’ time of living; so as to gloat more and more.

   However, another’s place before God in His will cannot be God’s will in doing for us what we desire when we do not respectfully ask them to fill in where we need help. A wise and Gospel centered person will ask, and expect to be asked, of others as circumstances of living bring events where people working together create and build solutions to problems and difficulties. Too often, we expect others to tow the line of perfection in thinking their error is the cause of our own miseries, discrepancies, or inner turmoil. Because there is something evil people believe others know that they do not, there is something good about themselves they do not know.

   Being angry when another does not do as we wish them to without asking causes resentment about a false insult against our own egotistical compensation for personally retained inadequacy. Ideas that people should help others without being asked, as if they are somehow lacking presence of mind and heart to care, is implying that if God were their guide they would be “naturally” inclined to service our needs. We are jealous of another who chooses to require us to ask of them to choose whether or not they will to spend their time and efforts for us. We forget they have standing obligations to their faith in God.

   When we honestly ask of anyone their assistance we are giving them the respect and courtesy to honestly agree or decline without the emotionally loaded risks to be in jeopardy of accusation and disdain. Straightforward communication, as Jesus Christ asks us to use in following Him and His example to us, shines the light of His Truth through our practice in non-manipulation of implied persuasions. The light of our honesty, in asking our wishes of another, shines forth to vanquish the adversary’s darkness by sidestepping the swaying of ignorance in persuasive hints and suggestions. Showing a peaceful way is not necessarily calm, collected, appeasement to selfishness in the name of thrift or decency.

   Battling over who did or did not do what to whom by the will of their own living as expected to supply the will of our own living, without being honestly in risk of being rejected, comes from gossip driven by our own betrayal of who we expect to fulfill what we have not openly asked them to fulfill. That is why lust is not in doing what we should not have done, and lust is not in wanting to do what we should not do. Lust is dishonestly manipulating others without respect to their own right to uphold their faith in God to whom they have chosen to honor with their loyalty and commitments. Lust (coveting), is based in jealousy over what we believe we have missed by association with our perception of others’ possessions and experiences.

   Lust, a form of thievery, is generated in wanting what others have when God already has for us His designed blessings. When we genuinely give to others, it is not an intended recompense to receive or pay any obligation in position to and with them, unless our giving is in direct response to their having asked of us to give. Giving is an extension of God’s blessings to others through our hands and is not dependent upon their desire of need. It is dependent upon their having asked of us and our own choice to respond to their plea. Adultery is stealing influential authority by prying into the personal affairs of a married man and woman, and their place of responsibility over their children, under God’s Authority.

   There is not truth in hearsay, and conjecture; including when written on paper or in books. Those are substitutes for trust by faith in the Word of God. Of course, the Word of God is Christ Himself and not the book as a hidden substitute of Him – where many religions promote worship of the Bible or some other Scripture instead of accepting Christ’s guidance alive, moment by moment in the now. If there is trouble knowing the difference between the Bible (as the inherent Word of God) and Christ, consider He required of Himself to obey the law of Moses until that same law was fulfilled through His crucifixion and resurrection in our behalf.

   In other words, “It is written.” is before the Cross for our flesh personage and the Law written on the inside (“…the tables of the heart…”) when we, day by day, accept His redemption in our spirit personage. Therefore, and thereafter, we are no longer bound by the flesh’s imperfections. Properly applied bias means to “…do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Improperly applied bias tries to take advantage from others by pushing them to comply with your wishes. Errors in expectation can be found in the fears of being used in postulations like, “I wouldn’t do to you what you do to me, so you take that as a competitive weakness when I am not in competition with your supposedly hidden intrusions into my affairs.”

   Understanding a man’s body is not his own but his wife’s and a woman’s body is not her own but her husband’s according to 1st Corinthians chapter 7 gives to us the understanding we can joyfully use our toys of living but those toys are not the sources of joy. That allows jealousy to remain in God’s domain and envy is left to the devil’s playground. Remember, the devil’s playground is where he can steal our attentions. When we do whatsoever we do unto God for His glory, then our playing in thankfulness to Him for the life and living we have to make the decisions we do has an added benefit against darkness where we no longer are bound to fight the devil by disallowing what we may choose to do.

   Passing time seems to distance us from responsibilities we assume are lost to God’s glory or the dastardly destructions of evil in ongoing circumstances with their emotionally laden intensities makes for some baggage we blame anyone we can find for stirring to our forefront awareness; “…for better or worse, in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer…” What people do to a man, they are doing to his wife – what people do to a woman, they are doing to her husband. Because of that, what anybody does to a citizen of a nation, they are doing to that nation. Changing obsessive ‘what’s’ to balanced ‘whys’ will bring natural discoveries of a different ‘who’ a people are - not collectively individual by memory but individually collective as time transpires.

   In the process, obsessions to eliminate wrongs are transformed into upholding rights. When a person believes his or her memories make up who they are, it is a type of materialism; a worshiping of the creature-self and interactive physical surroundings. While hinting for results hopes to bolster dreams, ‘honesty is the best policy’ decides the here and now where expectations are realized by true rather than false hope. Rapture theists for example, touting an ‘us against them’ purist’s stance often think it is okay to steal from those who outwardly they judge ‘not saved’ or ‘of the world’. “Those of the world are ‘not saved’ and living on God’s source of supply.” is their “nice is right” philosophy that contends what anybody has being ‘not right with God’ must be taken.

   That is why to say, “He shouldn’t have to be asked” or “She shouldn’t have to be asked” forces disrespect to the one who has the duty to give. It opens vindictive attitudes of spiteful retaliation for no reason other than the habitual scrapping self-protective defenses purposely spending effort being ‘a fight looking for a place to happen’. Nevertheless, temperance, patience, and long-suffering find their grace for continuation for the sake of committed love through faith in promises; as a man is responsible unto God for his wife and a woman is responsible unto God for her husband. The devil plays, through a worldly religious pastor, a frowning god from the church house pulpit, “My way or the highway!” The true Gospel says otherwise, “I am the Truth and the Life.”

   That is why when a person stays out of other’s business where he or she does not belong, and refrains from telling everybody and his friends, brother, sister, neighbor and the entire world by twitter and facebook that person retains a personal integrity that is not easily regained if lost. On the other hand, a belligerent stalemate of incommunicative conflict is simply because one or both in a marriage has refused to openly ask of their mate, and/or has failed to receive honest answers. The usual reason for this is one or the other of a marriage has confided in someone else who is not a part of the marriage.

   Reconciliation is, of course, found through the word of a woman to her husband and the word of a man to his wife, as our word is an example of God’s Word. It is not the content of what may be revealed (honest revealing respects the vulnerable trust necessary for empathy) that matters so much as it is the sharing of all a man is with his wife and all a woman is with her husband. Together, the exclusive sharing companionship takes all they are together to the Throne of grace and mercy of God in Jesus Christ. His ever-present promise is sure and true to respond with His loving-kindness and healing in His victory over any evils of troubles the adversary throws our way. Open honesty without fear of retaliation in respect to Who Jesus Christ is for us is His only answer to bring His will into living for Him in our purposeful sharing.

   Asking permission can be a representational witness between those married with respect to who each is to the other; resulting in respect from any others privately and publically who may be needing a better outlook. In this, many marriages are undermined by children vying for attention by posing themselves between their parents. Playing one against the other seems to work when there are fears between a man and woman concerning the unity of marriage finding difficulty, derision, and upset. Children and some friends, and acquaintances and relatives who have untoward interests, use parent’s unsuspecting confusion to increase those fears of conflict in order to provide unjust gain for themselves… and thereby unintentionally lose the very joys of living they have yet to appreciate.


"If you know the source of my fury, you will not imagine I’m being unreasonable."  ~ Charles Finney

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