Diabolic Intimidation (Mockery/Ridicule)

Overcoming Evil

Overcoming the spirit of meddlesome backstabbing

Mark 9:14-19

Diabolic Intimidation (Mockery/Ridicule)

Overcoming the spirit of meddlesome backstabbing

   When we believe in perception as reality, then reality seems like a dream to be avoided. Trust, then, becomes what we think of others and what they think of us. “Silence is golden… but my eyes still see,” is an insidiously (subtly sinister) self-satisfied (smug) attitude of criticism that builds a fantasy belief system for the purposes of rebuking others to keep established one’s own controls. Ambitious pursuit of results borne out from indignant stigmatized preconceptions will only bring more of the same.

We naturally hate evil because of love, not instead of it. When others do not suit our expectations, we deem their ways not loving and become unloving ourselves in identifying them with our hatred for evil. Therefore, we do not suit their expectations for us because we are denying them the witness of God’s victory in our heart. Intensifying our emotions through the confusion, we project and transfer our overload onto our antagonist(s) in order to find relief.

“You've got to go through it to get to it,” is the antigospel, or anti-Christ premise that denies the reason we have His faith to trust. Believing Love is the opposite of Hate (not properly a part of our God designed feelings structure) will perpetuate and increase our setting of others up to be our scapegoats and “fall guys” in God’s Name. Many of us believe in the karma (in whatever name it is thought), of “What goes around, comes around,” until we (or ‘they’) recognize Jesus Christ is real.

‘Power through sorrow’ is not associated in redemption with regenerative God-borne faith in Christ. Guilt manipulation to obtain behavioral outcome is an emotional terrorism with the spotlight in selfish results where jealousy undermines gratitude. Defending one’s self against seeming inconsistencies in others negates defending those we love by looking for inconsistencies to defend against. Satan’s constant resort, to gain control of those whom he cannot otherwise seduce by self-focused unawareness, is compulsion by cruelty.

Through fear or force he endeavors to rule the conscience with materialistic good over evil valuations - to secure homage to hisself. To accomplish this he works through both religious and secular authorities moving them to the enforcement of human laws of competence and sentiment in defiance of the justifying decree of Christ. Emotional intensity, brought about by the self-protective internal mechanism gone awry through temptation and/or provocation, traumatizes our naturally created processing of our responses to living properly with ourselves and others.

Egomania is overcompensation for undue restriction. Bipolar, Manic/Depressive, Passive/Aggression, Sadistic/Masochism, and Friend/Enemy (Love/Hate) are all variances of the same confused condition of misunderstanding. To put it bluntly, titles used to label diseases (illnesses from ease) whether physical or mental, as many physical ailments are mentally/emotionally produced, are descriptive names of invasive demonic entities. God’s shielding loving-kindness that gives to everyone faithful opportunity never forces a person’s will or conscience.

But, satan seeks to destroy those who honor God’s reality in trustworthy dependence; he will cause them to be accused as lawbreakers, as people who are dishonoring God and bringing judgments upon the world. Spiteful inclinations are materialistic twisted impressions derived from our yearning for responsive faithful actions to stand for what is right. Satan's primary method of attack is exploitation passing through the natural virtues of sacrifice. Little realized is those of Sodom and Gomorrah were the most communistic group of people one could find.

Because he is a user, and not a creator, he has a counterfeit, a deceptive substitute, for all the attributes and intentions of God. He taunts and tempts us away from the leading of the Truth of life through the activities and attitudes of the people around us. He uses ironic physical symbolism to appeal to the soul, contrary to the interactive honesty of the Word of God. He uses us against our places in living like a hand uses a glove. The knowledge of good and evil says, "What is good for me to take is good for you to lose."

Who, as a naturally created human being, aside from demonic pressures, would obstruct a man’s prosperity through labor to then punish him for not making provision for his loved ones? Robbers, who create adversity to drive wedges between people for a dollar, work to convince their prey, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”, doing the thinking for their prey and telling them it is all in their mind. Backstabbers, mostly, assume they are protecting their rights in what they believe is deserved; a good vs. bad sense of determination.

Demonized people, domineering and dominated in the prideful right and wrong of the knowledge of good and evil, become unwitting enemies of the Cross of Jesus Christ where our consequences of alienation away from honor and integrity are fully paid. The underlying drive behind the “bully set of symptoms” is the dread of loss combined with striving for emotional stimulation. The resulting blindness conceals their appreciation for themselves and their loved ones for who they are.

Betrayal of trust in companionship centering in materialistic self-service thrives on overcompensation, through rebellious individualism, for the pains of being used as tools to supply an authority’s will of power and structure, and thereby a warped sense of security and well-being. These counterculture personas unwittingly are trained by the “system” of unfettered self-expression to be used by a worldly society that requires peer-pressure inferences of status for families to trust in egocentric economic commerce.

A get-all-one-can-get “Throw Away Society” is giving up stick-to-itiveness, appreciation for the human condition, and faithful longevity by being steeped in instant gratification. Users are using themselves, to use others in order to be used, in an ever increasing experiential hunger developed from their fear driven pleasures over pain. Emotional compensation for intimidation is prideful spite against spiritual intrusion by the adversary.

The adversary knows that everyone is already saved in Christ – that salvation, though fully realized in the hereafter, is available for the asking by trust in faith to accept in belief. We can see an example of this portrayed in marriage where a couple trusts in faith to accept in belief that their spouse is devoted. Fear and misunderstanding causes doubt that causes fear that causes more doubt. Doubt and/or fear causes supposition, supposition causes restriction, and restriction causes bondage - not necessarily in that order.

Opposing viewpoints usually are counter-related where both sides of a matter are at once playing the victim and the abuser – most often because of confusion. Usual logic believes truth depends on where one stands… if one is standing amid self perception based on perceptions about others. A sore loser may compensate with teasing to make humourous their hidden hatred. They often live 'dual lives' that can merge during threat or conflict. Common are attempts to control one’s own stability of right over wrong by harassing others to transfer agitation from one's self.

This increases internal agitation that must be driven inside below recognition to possibly later  spill out in force - an overblown intensity against other’s acts of symbolism thought to be personal attack. It represents one’s internal identity battle and can become a habitual railing against others in ways where it is believed harassment has a beneficial purpose. A vigilante outlook identifies with a wrong, internalizes its evil, and projects more evil onto persons and/or situations one believes exists in who other people are.

People like to remain blind to their own problems by giving problems to others about what they consider is unacceptable. As in politics, a conservative is opposed to a liberal’s disregard for ethically moral standards concerning issues such as rights to life and private enterprise, and a liberal is opposed to a conservative’s disregard for ethically moral standards concerning issues such as right to choose and social financial fairness.

On the conservative ‘side’, there are the responsibilities to uphold the laws of freedom of will to obey God’s standards of decency. On the liberal ‘side’ there are the responsibilities to uphold the freedom from the law to self will in choosing life as one wishes. Thus, depending in and on one’s prideful selfish will according to belief about (and not in – or rather at instead of to) supernatural and natural will, the battle lines are drawn externally to give voice to internal conflicts of confusion.

 General well-being in the name of God in Christ is inadvertently disrespected by both conservative and liberal determination to defend life awareness from God as if He is incapable to defend Himself in our defenses. Forgotten in everyone’s enthusiasm to have things ‘right’ by playing God over others is the simple appreciation that we all are living the amazing miracle of miracles of life itself. And, not contrarily, each of us has a particular ‘role’ to fulfill that is, like snowflakes, never the same from one to the other.

Requested explanation:

   “Muzzling the ox that grinds the grain” refers to an official or off-the-record community judging/rating  caste or class system (rich/middleclass/poor - ‘them/us’ - egotistically competitive imposition of will) that esteems a group or individuals as more significant than others; for whatever reason. It uses people as dispensable for self/group indispensable purposes. Cleptomania usually comes from unreasonable demands to conform. Counseling for the same is mostly ineffective because it addresses the same areas, in roughly the same way, to apply constraints upon a person's will.

   A sadist, one who enjoys punishing others, is a masochist out-of-control. A masochist is one who fears punishment for not measuring up to expectations – many times impossible to meet. It becomes easier to punish one’s self with understanding, no matter how distorted, than to face whatever painful harm might come from others. They see others as not real because they, in their fantasy belief, unknowingly think of themselves as not real. Therefore, others must comply with their fantasy or be considered not real.

It is an intellectual/emotional thought loop that feeds on itself by feeding on the loss of everyone involved. Not being able to get relief, because self-punishment increases the ‘need’ to be punished, it seems more self-punishment is required. Relief of pain through erroneous pleasures that offset the terrors of emotional turmoil is the excitement that drives scheming ulterior motives.

Combined with false religious leanings and God becomes the great backing Master of hidden ceremonies used to motivate the intensities of indignation egotistical posturing congeals into form. Invented retaliation, taking what belongs to another to feed one’s own sense of victory over real or imaginary persecutors, (and there are often tyrants, persecutors, and tormenters happy to oblige) is more painful because it makes self-abhorrence seem to be sensible.

They often approach their religious penchant in rating others by how cheaply convenient they are to use. Thus, striking out to harm those a man or woman cares about, and for, brings emotional validation to abasement. Forcing another person to be independently productive by providing restrictive hardship often pushes him or her into a damaged non-productive isolation. Meddling in other's affairs denies not only the meddler's trust in Christ, it also dampens His Holy Spirit of faith-active works to flourish.

A sadist finds more relished pain inflicting ruin around them trying to purge his or her own conscience - by believing those they harm are deserving of their attacks - than is possible to acquire internally. They covertly arrange scenarios for their prey that present quandaries where any choice made is a negative. Jealousy and/or envy, is the generated/generating monster. Is is better to steal from the guilty or the innocent - the rich or the poor? Who is it that has the omnipotent capacity to take from another or others without presumption?

A symptomatic indicator of someone, or a group of fellow conspirators, blindly following the deceptive s/m route is they will often purchase for themselves the best quality affordable while buying cheap knock-off ‘junk’ for others (including their children); unless there is someone who is considered an objective for turnover. Many difficulties can be solved with addressing the question, “If you are easily insulted, why would you expect I wouldn't be?”.

Vandalism is a destructive underhanded attempt to tell others they are blind to a concern. It can be most subtle and continual as if of natural attrition or of a direct in-your-face statement of opposition. Whatever is thought the reason for any particular or group acts, what drives vandalism, all the time every time, is religious defiance. Nothing more, nothing less.

Obsession and fixation are not the same. Thinking they are causes both to support the other in an emotional loop that captures thought processes away from trust and respect for others. Obsession is to be adamantly self-protective. Fixations are not necessarily driven by obsession, but can be. Obsession with fixations without realizing the difference makes it difficult to understand either and how to see internal ‘subconscious’ insistence.

Another way to see the difference to know what is going on with an addictive habit is to understand obsession is a soul matter while fixation is an instinctual matter. Both are manifested by the knowledge of good and evil: ‘evil’ being secretly reactive to destructive things or ‘good’ being openly reactive against those same things – many times a ‘split personality’ will present, depending upon who is present, the polished goodness public needs require and the evil of mayhem privately.

That is where religion, as a mirror of reality, tries to emulate but cannot be of God in His justifying dynamic wholesale re-orientation of our will of trust in His realities. Irreligious balking and religious zealous focus are neither beneficial to faith-action because they are humankind’s goal orientations instead of God’s. The difference is found from Him in Christ where He is already resurrected for us to acknowledge, not in the hereafter but in the now, by seeing those whom we deal with day-to-day as also His creation… no matter who they are or what they believe.

Many of us, and collectively all of us as a result, find our respective culture(s) failing; trusting our awareness to what we expect based in yesterday hoping tomorrow will be formed into our attempts to hide what we wish to eliminate. In that, we end up playing God over other’s lives in order to arrange our influencing surroundings to suit our dignified illusion that others (aside from whom it is we are married with), and not us, are responsible to make our way of redemption.

When we say, “What happened years ago is why things are the way they are today.” it misdirects our faith-active duties unto God in two ways that deny who we are to those around us: First, ‘every day is a day unto itself’ and ‘sufficient for the day is the evil thereof’. Second, and connected to the first, is all things are ‘in, of, and by the Word’.

There is where we forget that what we might have done in the past is what makes us who we are today because of the continued circumstances we deliberately choose to not only face but perpetuate. In that, what we do today is somehow a continued compensation that keeps things ‘the way they are’. The primary way deception continues is the dishonest penchant people have in not sharing their unease with those who are involved with what they are concerned.

We think what we do ‘now’ is because of what we did ‘then’ and believe we are the same by believing nothing can change. So, we imagine days before and ahead ignoring today. That is where we want others to change while we remain ‘ourselves’ and is also what causes more and more trouble we attribute, then, to the distant past displayed before us by others we see in what we wish not to see. Consequently, we work at keeping our problems, to educate our problems, into better understanding.

When our ‘problems’ (anyone else who is not us) remains, it seems, insensitive to our efforts, to the dumpster they go… It is the underside of defensive camaraderie that puts itself above marriage and sidesteps God’s designs for trust in faith-active responsibilities to esteem respect for privacies between a man and woman to remain uninterrupted. Sometimes we forget God’s forgiveness in Christ, being wound up in our emotional defenses, and lose our thankfulness that He does forgive and allow us the freedom to not be bound to ‘mistakes’ we have to live in (or with).

Isolating the victim

Setting up environments where spiritual influences are ignored in order to keep our mind and heart confused. Taking what matters from someone forces a counterfeit authority over their activities. When God is a concept instead of a factual realization, a person doesn't know who to trust. Overseers, managers, at times use fear and anger for industrious  motivation and some know that those who are responsible to them will increase production through resentment. We are kept out of the loop of honest information, which can eventually make us feel as isolated as though we were locked in a windowless room.


Exerting control

Making the victim feel powerless to trust. Whoever decides which of us gets help and encouragement, and who is punished, has control. In a healthy, faith living environment, a person can influence those decisions by the way he or she responds in faith, so we are not powerless. In an abusive environment where God is not first over all, people around us may waver at will between being fair and harsh, friendly and unreachable, complimentary and critical, and nothing we do seems to make any difference, so we feel powerless to actuate our expectations of life.


Destroying the victim's self-confidence and self-respect

Treating us as though we are stupid and inept is the demonic lie that convinces us we are not children of God.  People are ignorantly used by anti-Christ beings to search for excuses to criticize us, ignore our input and suggestions, and question all our decisions. We are made to doubt our God given intelligence and abilities, and our confidence and respect is destroyed. A person in that state of mind doesn't feel he or she deserves to be treated better and the abuser has us right where he wants us.

When one or another is backed into a corner this way in opposition to the ongoing invitation of faith in God, the result will be frustration, then rebellion, then retaliation. The victim, then, becomes the tyrant. A prime example of how inner darkness is shown as outward light in using people against themselves to obtain 'positive results' can be found in Acts chapter 7. The entire chapter is both a history and prophecy of the world from beginning to end, as well as the inter-dynamics of private personal marriage/family processes.

As confidence and respect diminishes, God’s gift of active faith seems to be distant or non-existent. We become less likely to stand up for ourselves; we gradually surrender to our abusers. Where we usually make the mistake of mistakes is to label a contrary person (contrary to themselves first and others because of it) for the harm they are intentionally or unintentionally causing. It is much easier for an opportunist to use another as a tool of convenience when it is believed something evil about him or her.

We know a parasite, as thought of as we see them for what they do instead of who they are in Christ, wants what is in our hand while we know a companion wants what is in our heart. With ‘a pill for this’, a pilfer that’, ‘him for this and her for that’ it is very difficult to receive our desired joys of the gifts of another’s heart when they are playing parasitic roles. Meanwhile, frustrated is our commission given as a gift by God through faith in Christ to be enough of a witness for His sake to help transform the user/abuser into who they are without those ways.


As a result, satanically abused people:

   a) become confused, because they cannot reconcile their so-called "stupidity and ineptness" with God’s promises for life’s successes;

   b) isolate themselves, because they feel inferior to salvation and superior to uncaring others;

   c) become obsessed with being perfect to avoid criticism and to please their impossible-to-please expectations;

   d) become paranoid, thinking people are either godly or ungodly - talking about their "poor work" and "stupidity" or admiring them for their “industrious successes” and “intelligence”;

   e) become so insecure about their “failures” that they expect catastrophe at any time, but are confused about why – so then require perfection in others;

   f) grow so weary of trying to prove their worth and failing that they lose their "fight" and stop defending themselves or trying to convince anyone, including themselves, that they are a child of the Living God; and, finally

   h) doubt that their faith, and promises to others because of that faith, are worth defending.

   “If I were thinking what you think I am thinking; I would be you instead of me. I worked with all my desire and effort to understand your game to help you out of it… to save your life and ours. But, the game itself was a game of intentional confusion where you believed I was part of the game – continually spinning tales for fear of being discovered – trying to force me into being selfish like you are, so you could steal from me for being selfish.”  Matthew 7:3  If you believe it is you I am speaking to, why be angry about it? Shouldn't you rather make the appropriate changes?

“A social engineer is a sociologist’s worst nightmare.”

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"Will wonders never cease!" From time to time we have received complaints from those who wish to put down our witness; particularly those who believe in a religion of a God that has never been defeated:

   Yes, God and His plan of justification will never be defeated. ‘Their’ mistake is to believe their way, as from God, is the only way… it is the false Gospel of inclusion/exclusion that feigns to be only of and from God (supply your name of many including ‘Jesus’ of religious denominational lore or other prophets that are not Jesus [Joshua] the Messiah Christ Himself). “Great empires and armies have come and gone, but none has lasted as long as the people who follow their take on God. All else is refuse in comparison with their religion of their Lord – in whatever name. Mighty cities will rise, but they will crumble long before God comes to reward His faithful ones.”

Those groups of religionists, being self/group-perpetuated will lie, cheat, steal, maim, and murder in their adamant forceful religious justification of the Gospel and/or traditional ways of Law turned upside-down-and-backward. The same anti-christ scenario pervades them all according to each cultural turn of emotional/intellectual expression. Theirs is the “I am saved and you are not” leaning upon their own understandings comprised of ‘the only one’ salvation that pits their interests against those of others’ will(s) to choose their own way of living.

It is exemplified by the idea/ideal that only their flavour of grace of mercy can justify God by giving those who do not accept their religious realities the deserving evils of adverse parity; that is, God’s purity in comparison to their faithful adherence to be as wrong as they can conceive so that God will be shown to be as inconceivably right as cannot be imagined… dumping revenge on others in attempts to cover their own forgiveness. There are also many who use Catch the Rapture theology to clobber their loved ones with earthly-bound moral dictates.

Most atrocious is the firmly held ‘evil as good’ religious piety that says, “The more wicked I am, the more it allows God’s or Christ’s mercy of redemption to manifest His glory of righteousness,” varying in depth depending on factions of millions, or myriads of splinter groups as far as individuals who are enough on the fringes of each and all religious anti-God false-faith variance. These are those who are expelled into the masses of ‘worldliness’ and its ills to keep animated the cause(s) of deep-rooted appearances and ways.

    Within marriage, both a man and woman are not usually, but always, unable to bear full responsible intercession in Christ as He does for them. Faithing trust permits the working out of inconsistencies, day-to-day attacks on their unity by others and the adversary, and accepting Christ’s acceptance by accepting all there is about their mate. Conscientious personal motivations are then not spun off into conflict; they are used not to establish one’s way over a husband or wife, but to overcome any difficulties emanating out from each of daily hazards and aggravations. Being haughty and vindictive in the name of Christ in defense of one’s marriage is a holy impulse. Doing the same in contradiction to faith and trust in God’s leading into health, prosperity, and unity is rather an evil undertaking.

Concern for one’s spouse is what drives opposition to circumvent that same concern, in self defensive attempts that actually are a defense of one’s mate combined with oneself. Focusing on communication difficulties is right in an unselfish way (and wrong in a selfish way) when combined personal wills of purpose risk the power of privately shared open honesty. It takes the control mechanisms of strained bristling rebellion that balking seeks to secure out from the influence of hidden spiteful maneuvering. Unless a man or woman tells his or her mate what what they say means to him or her, they are both fooling themselves about who each is to the other.

Most situations are founded not in actuality, but in what one or another wants to believe. Any collection of numerous reasons there may be to believe what is believed feeds assuming the other believes what he or she does about them, in what he or she believes he or she believes about the other. So secrecy founded hidden fears grow into seething instead of subsiding into shared harmony. This happens because habitually independently ambitious men and women work to stabilize their own self-perceptions to maintain their personal right to self-sufficiency based in and on categorizing other’s troubles and successes to advantage for self gratification and profit.

Because compatible independence is a paradoxical fantasy that healthy married co-dependence relegates to pre-marriage courtship; people feel a need, by habit, to attempt to step on their mate’s honest expressions to lift their self above what scares them. It seems easier to blame their mate for their troubles – the one who “took their independent life away” and fight against their defenses against misconceptions to validate both their own senses of protection against wrongs both have projected onto/into each other. This serves to sweep difficulties under a rug instead of working them forthrightly through.

Mounting super-sensitivity ensues over what to say and how to say it for fear of being rejected by misunderstanding. Then, undermining manipulations arise to try to compensate for any unknown that knowing might reveal; and “What you don’t know won’t hurt you!” hurts much more than knowing. This type of retaliation is a thrust against the circumstances of situations and not actually against one’s partner. Inflicting pain under the guise of crushed self-protective defenses, against properly defensive protections of togetherness, is hiding shame over idolatry through using those one loves - because one is being diverted into standing off against loving embrace contested by the adversary hisself.

The conversation between satan and Eve in the Garden of Eden shows where self deception (and thereby self justifying deception of a spouse) originates. Satan in his subtlety seeks to bring confusion to the Gospel, passed about as inimitable fact, that punishment through tragedy - that public discourse - is a sinner’s course to repentance through faith unto salvation. However, the true tragedy is a worldly Christian’s malicious pride in satisfaction by deliberately forcing onerous public spectacle - believing that the overall social better good comes through an errant one’s loss of the privileges of privacy.

Forced submission to restrictive containment, loss of privacy, loss of rights of income, loss of family protections, and loss of life through the passing moments or physical death itself, thought of as just deserved retribution, reestablishes the law of works in the name of the Gospel that denies the Gospel. In order for self deception to ‘survive’ in the strengths of cultural norms, because natural life is interested in holding onto the gift of living, the ego monster needs to mirror its dynamics into others one is most familiar with to more adeptly facilitate loading responsibility for error from off oneself.

It does one well in considering that the Bible’s book of Job is within the law of Moses and not under the victory of Christ’s, then, coming justification through His redemptive power of faithing unto salvation. Lies and deceit by the self righteous indignant are ways to hide by the fašade of public display the conceited pride of dumping emotional trauma onto ‘ignore-them-and-they-will-go-away ‘bad people”; people who sometimes are sincerely aware enough to sidestep being clever… far enough to be honest about their shortcomings through trust in their gift of faith unto righteousness in Christ.

A look at Romans 15:1-7, Matthew 25:31-46, and Ephesians 5:17-27 will help to see that freedoms to integrity and respect in Christ’s resurrection supplants any false-faith attempts to punish or ‘whip into shape’ others for wrongs they may or may not be personally responsible. Jesus Christ provides His example in how to personally work through these direst of complexities. As God designed a man and woman in marriage to be literally one together, each has the authority in Him to take full positional place in their spouse’s stead to Him. It is His way. It is done according to His promises based in His creation.

And, it is His joy of victorious supernatural passion that surmounts the very problems we wish to rid ourselves away of… by fully accepting those problems for our mate’s sake no matter their actions and/or reactions. John 20:21-23 says, "Then said Jesus to them again, Peace be unto you! Just as My Father sent Me forth, even so send I you. And when He said this, He breathed on them, and said unto them, Receive ye the Holy Spirit: Whosesoever sins you shall remit, they are remitted unto them; and whosesoever sins you shall retain against them, they are retained."

"I've been informed you've been telling my wife what to do. Don't you have a wife of your own?"  ~ Walter Matthau

Slander Meisters - gossiping guilt purveyors

“I didn't know that was going to happen!”


Jude 1:12-18:

   These are they who are hidden rocks in your love-feasts as they fare sumptuously together, shepherds that without fear feed themselves; clouds without water, swept along by winds; autumnal trees fruitless, twice dead, plucked up by the roots;

   Wild waves of sea, foaming out their own infamies; wandering stars, for whom the gloom of darkness has been forever reserved.

   And to these also Enoch, the seventh from Adam, prophesied saying, “Behold, the Lord has come with ten thousands of his holy myriads,

    To execute judgment upon all, and to convict all the unrighteous of all their works of unrighteousness, which they have ungodly wrought; and of all the hard things which they have spoken against Him.”

   These are murmurers, complainers, walking after their lusts, and their mouth speaks great swelling words showing respect of persons for the sake of profit.

   But ye, beloved! Remember the words foretold by the apostles of our Lord Jesus Christ;

   How they used to say to you, “In the last time there shall be mockers according to their own unholy covetings going on.”


   The gravity of any human interaction, intimate or group, is always greater than the individual and/or collective shared wit of determination and emotional intensity can fathom. Without faithful acknowledgement of God, in and through Jesus Christ, as His Holy Spirit of Truth of understanding trust guides the moments, no pressures of personal manipulating will or use of physical force is able to bring the sustainable results that respect for promises, and promises kept, through trust in Him can bring. Directly, psycho-social pressures are destructive to the reasons people have their gifts of living.

Dividing asunder people from their marriages and households, according to what is thought to be needed corrections in attitude/behavior adjustments, or simply to eliminate a “tare among the wheat” is the adversarial work of social conformity; using hatred as a psychodynamic behavior augmentation tool of intentional damage to an individual, as an avenue to control and/or protect the general social well-being of citizens, causes unfathomed damage to everyone on both sides of the ‘fence’ thought to separate the knowledge of good from the knowledge of evil.

As one may, obediently following Christ, in practice take responsibility for another or others in dire situations it does not imply or require the binding of guilty consequences against either those who unjustly commit crimes or those who stand in proxy. The self-condemning anti-Gospel gospel of retaliation, re-condemns the condemned in denying the Good News of justification, through faith unto reconciliation (redemption) in Christ. “But for the grace of God, there go I.” is a haughty clichÚ used to transfer one’s own convictions of heart, due to the shames of supposition, onto others ‘less worthy’ in order to relieve hidden emotional pressures.

Covert ‘for-the-better-good-of-everyone’ tribunals, collaborating in collusion to achieve behavior controls and changes in the live(s) of fellow citizens thought to be contrarily in disadvantage to accepted general norms, are composed of people paralyzed in their quasi-righteousness - desiring to be free in Christ, not realizing that the answer lies not in their hands – that they are binding themselves and their quarry into their own ostentatious prison; a den of thieves. Many people misunderstand that the load of responsibility they convey in their treatment of others has already been placed on Christ – that recognition of adverse states of affairs provides opportunity for forthright application of helps instead of contempt.

In any walk of life, including everyone’s internal struggles between materialism and faith, a socialistic dictator is envious of an altruistic imperialist’s crown - the former deals in altering perceptions while the later deals in respect for promised commitment. No pleasure philosophy, no sensuality, no place nor power, no material success can for a moment give such inner satisfaction as the sense of living for good purposes, for maintenance of integrity, for the preservation of God’s approval with respect for the orders of priority relational alignments are created to carry. One word; ‘if’, is worth a thousand pictures. It is the ‘ifs’ we acknowledge that lead to forthright faith-action with respect to ours and others’ wills.

The rule of law, the 'two sides of the coin' of the knowledge of good and evil, is steeped in the foundation of "what goes around, comes around" necessarily because of a world lost to the throes of prideful self determination through self-protective dishonesty. Thus, personal pride of humanistic self realization builds its strengths of determination in opposition to fear. False religious clout based in right principles and precepts, in the name of God without His leading, requires patterns of fears to deepen into terrors to sustain the senses of righteous indignation materialistic securities and pleasurable experiences soothe.

When it is understood God is strict concerning His expectations for us against evil intrusion, we take indignant license by believing restriction of ourselves and others into compliance with mankind devised social standards, through punishment for mistakes, will teach holy discipline. But, that is the mistake that generates the atmosphere for more mistakes because it forces identifying with evil influences as if they are part of who we are. Restrictively treating citizens as monsters requires those same citizens to comply with being monsters.

Scared straight concepts and practices are beneficial to bring awareness of the depths of damage inconsiderate and destructive ways generate. But, to rely in reverse psychology processes for developing “positive motivational fears” to not err will cause relapse into more vigorous determination to assert one’s self-perceived justification against authority. Wanting to do well for appreciating its own rewards is not the same as being afraid to do wrong because of negative consequences. For example: An alcoholic (especially one in a capacity of public service) will impose his or her self-denial into denying and/or impeding other’s freedoms to solve their own problems.

To use sin as a tool against a sinner (provocation against a negative – disdain, division, and delay) to overcome sin, is a downward spiral of sinfulness. The role-playing passive/aggressive assertion that a person can only be helped when he or she reaches the end of themselves is a faith denying complacent fallacy. A person needs encouragement into his or her core of wholeness that is separate from coercive threat. Not coincidentally, the entire content of Laws and Ordinances, given to the people through Moses by God, has no provision for the construction and use of jails.

The Gospel of Christ, the Good News of salvation, put an honest creative end to the loop of “destruction for destruction” (gain through pain) that allows for the encouragement of attributes within positional victory in the proclamation: John 3:7-21. This reality is ever-presently available (not as an accessory to living but our actual reason for being) through faith in God’s compassion and expectations of those who are in the positions of authority to apply His generosity.

Recognition of positive solutions to our problems requires the sacrificial risk of faith to actively realize the identity of a wrong, overcome in our stead through the Cross and Resurrection in Christ, is not the actual identity of the people involved. It is wrong to believe we have grace from Christ because we are forgiven through the works of the law. It is right to realize that in Christ we have forgiveness, from beginning to end, through trust in the gift of grace over the law of works.

People fight what they believe is evil trying to rise themselves above the hatred they are holding onto. Realizing who people are in a right way, instead of believing people are their problems, gives to us the chance to see hope over our own hidden difficulties. Allowing our faith in His Gospel of Who Christ is by His own Word existence, is also pleasing to Him since it relieves His disgruntled despair.

After all, or rather in concern for all, He is human where we are people created to be in His likeness; over our exploitation of His mercy by feeding ourselves on His grace at others' expense. This is how we are able to steadfastly stay the course of endurance instead of treating others (and thereby ourselves) as unworthy castaways. It is better to tend to, rather than mishandle, resilience.

"Don't quit. You never know what may be around the corner. Why should yesterday's failure rob you of today's success? It's about honest respect. Any game has no meaningful reason without it."  ~ Stephen Hansen

The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some count slackness; but is long-suffering with regard to you, not being minded that any should perish, but that all unto repentance, should come.     2 Peter 3:9