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With respect for the US national holiday, every day is Veterans Day.

   The World Trade Center and the Pentegon are names of US structures attacked in 2001. Since, many more lives have been lost to defend against the anti-powers who promote such atrocities; not only to war battles but economic failures round the globe.

   Please use the below links to contact your State and District representatives. With the advancement of public internet access, the United States Governmental machine is far behind times with its functions in how the representatives handle their constituents. For those who are uninformed, the Senate handles state-wide matters. Congress handles district matters where individuals are free to access their services. Every elected Congress man and woman should have a website where issues they are dealing with are open for opinions to be expressed. This is how deadlock in representative decision making finds its release. State governments work essentially the same.

United States House of Representatives

United States Senate

United States Supreme Court

Federal Trade Commission

National Council of State Legislatures

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National American Indian Congress

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   Are you or anyone you know running for election to hold one of the many offices in your local area, state, or national governments? If not, ask yourself why. According to the proclamations of The U S Constitution, the law of the land, if you have enough sense to vote for the president or any other public office; you have sense enough to hold that office - with God's leading - to respond suitably to the issues a moment at hand presents. Smear compaigning tries to do the voter's thinking as if the people are not who leads their representatives. Counter-opposition that focuses on deriding a competing candidate presupposes we assume superior concerns by the speaker for his or her indignation.

   Any seat of office in a federal republic is larger than the man or woman holding that seat. Centering our attentions on the function of that office calls the holder of that seat to fulfill the duties of ‘Statesman’. Centering on the personality and particular motives of any man or woman holding a public seat of office calls the holder into compliance with politics and, therefore, drives his or her attentions as a ‘Politician’ placing undue load against the individual to be as large as the office he or she holds.

   This country belongs to God through your faith in Christ connected to the founding fathers’ zeal. If you can, register and vote. Only 59% of professing Christians voted in the 2008 election. We do not, in this country, live under a monarchy where the peasants must protest the king for relief from his policies of oppression. Our Declaration of Independence makes that clear.

   Rather, our King is Jesus Christ the Son of the living God. He is the King of kings of the castles of private residences throughout our great land. When our public servants, the butlers and maids of legislation and executive powers (no affront or slur alluded to - categorical or otherwise) are out of sorts with Constitutional determined liberties, it is designated within the document to fire by voting consensus those errant workers and replace them with those who serve with honor and respect for the rule of citizenry.

   During times before modern acceptance of women’s appreciation to have personal say in elections, socially fallen reception of godly desires in men and women’s identity awareness gradually became lost to self-adulation. In past aristocracy it was a satisfied expressive confidence, not a slight – an insult of insignificance, to women for them not to have a ‘right’ to vote. The reason for the difference was to point the direction of a woman’s trust in her husband’s responsibilities for her, for their family, for the country, for God.

   For others not married the avenue of social concern gave respect to natural community prompts to get and be married so that inconsistencies of intent would not undermine social stability. Without structured Christ-led intent it became necessary in secular hopes for meaningful freedoms to conceptually regain a paradise perspective by valuing individual discourse as superior than dedicated shared reverence for the process. The USA’s constitutional understructure, therefore, was not lost to faithless selfish distinctiveness. It was re-invigorated in a different way.

   On these unbiased toward any individual intentions webpages at GetMarriedFirst.com, we will to not endorse or recommend any officially running candidate for public office. Therefore, for propriety’s sake, we have removed some of the link-banners on this Personal Activity Links page.

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Our American Values

Ntional Organization for Marriage

FRC action alerts

Wounded Warriors

The United States of America Military

   Active Intercession by Faith to Defend and Protect our People, their Constitutional Freedoms, and Religious Liberty to uphold and share the Gospel with the World.

   The USA Constitution, by law, establishes her military to function with vigorous protective defense of the people at home and abroad; unlike a sport game that has no dire consequences, never with intent or purpose of offensive assault.

   Rejoice in victories, yes! We can be thankful without reserve. However, do not gloat over an enemy’s demise… our Father in heaven is certainly not happy about it. His will is that no one should be lost.

US Department of Defense - Pentagon

   “He couldn’t pour sand out of a boot if the instructions were on the heel.”  is a call of recognition to assist others with their difficulties. It is not, as is usually assumed, a call to eliminate from fellowship with those who are thought to be lacking possession of sensible thoughtfulness. It is difficult to properly encourage anyone when ridicule camouflages one’s own inadequacy.

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