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No time to waste

Habakkuk chapter 2

   The spirit of humility through decision making, according to the tiered authorities within a family with regard to marriage and its cohesive strengths in faith unto God in Christ, has all but given place to social pride and collective informal formalism. True love, as found in working out differences through faith in God’s established ways, has grown cold by the self-serving working of pragmatism to build the bondage of financial security as an expression of the fruits of religious dedication.

   Love for Christ, as He is present in and through honoring the positions of traditional family respect for togetherness, has been transferred to looking ahead to a day of His return as a fantasy that belies the present moment. Absorbed in worldliness in God’s Name through pleasure seeking without responsible duty to commitments, the professed people of God are blinded to the Savior’s instructions concerning the signs of His appearing where the signs are ever-present and alive as people properly interact in faith in His Word.

   The doctrines of the second coming of Christ are neglected by misinterpretation until we as a people have fictionalized a separation between ongoing living and the hope for His ultimate and final return. Ignored and forgotten is the fact that all things are finished in His Victory as we are yet to be transformed into His eternal fullness. Meanwhile, militant defenders of emotional self-righteousness equate the situational ethics of right-over-wrong worldly wisdom with godly justice. For many, there is a subconscious assumption, a belief that life itself is a dream to be one day awakened from.

   They usually work to solidify their perceptions of proper behavioral containment by citing, for example, possible mortal health risks; or by picking out and condemning as ‘hell bound’ those who do not fit their own hopes to find stability around them. Often, reasons for disunion of fellowship are founded in overzealous out-of-context Bible quotes such as, “He who wins souls is wise.” It can be understood that there is not separation of church and state with appreciating the founded authority of the church is in private households. For illustration, "Thou shalt not steal." could be easily emblazoned on the side of a police cruiser.

   Thus, there comes a policing of those who are most near and/or in positions to affect personal environment to justify attempts to find God’s strength of endurance… by believing that faith means expecting that others will behave one’s behavioral demands. It defeats the very witness of example provided by God’s Gospel of invitation to life in Christ while it reinforces the same intrusive temptations resentment forces through law over personal will. It has been asked, “Are we wise because we win souls or do we win souls because we are wise.”

   In fact, the answer is, “Neither.” because when we forget our wisdom comes through faithful trust in God, we erringly believe our gift of wisdom is of our own doing – which our natural intuition, mistaken as spiritual discernment, opens rights to intrude into the condition(s) of others’ heart(s). Additionally, this is precisely where many people find working measures of guilt manipulation will bring conviction unto salvation for God’s sake – or at the least provide a controlled satisfaction with security.

   While expecting that their own egotistical nuances of prideful false posturing gives the boldness of supposed ownership over households, and marriages not their own, widely available advanced communications have caused surveillance and stalking to result in the same overall effects of loss of liberty, integrity, and the foundational strongholds of honored privacies. Profiling and background checks have supplanted honorable expectations and trust in both the workplace and personal relations.

   Consequently, we increasingly are living in a world that is turning in upon itself in the name of progress; place by place via ‘professional suspicion’ upholding the organization as viable over personal responsibilities. What one or another wants to well protect from harm is thought to be a concealment from justified public scrutiny and there arises a general ‘dumbing down’ of community vitality where fears of loss become identified with emotionally loaded ideas such as, “You will show and tell me what I want to know or it means you are hiding something.” This can be seen manifested by reading the group therapy confessionals called the ‘comments’ section below online news articles.

   Much effort is spent by many in identifying with others and things in trying to be somebody when they are already somebody singularly and/or with their mate. So it is in courtship where those who are looking for identity fail to see where they are sharing a real and natural identity. They are giving up who each the other is in accepting the other’s facade. Two facades combined create a worldly masterpiece of contradictions that simply thrive on negative energy compensated for by ambition and mutual goal attainment. Above all, everybody is concerned with three things: we are hungry, need shelter, and trusting companionship.

   The errors a man and woman are created to properly cover (overcome) for each other under the able shielding hand of God’s benevolence, through their privately shared as-one transparency of trust, is lost to the value of public commerce via social intrigue... the worth of their union as considered by judging monetary viability. Right before our eyes and consideration are the examples of the breadth of God’s blessed bounty as He demonstrates His creativity through the hands of humankind misread as self applied intellect and ingenuity.

   Using fear to reduce risk increases the risk; that is where the pleasing/policing ostrich mentality of socialism falls short to the hardship and eventual demise of freedom-structured family securities: Professional policy, procedure, and protocol put psychological pressure to propagate pseudo-pragmatic pessimistic patterns of pretending process proficiency. The freedoms and comforts enjoyed by all classes of society, the ambitious desires for wealth and luxury, begetting an absorbing devotion to money-making, the eager rush for popularity and power, which seem to be within the reach for all, lead men and women to center their interests and hopes on the things of living instead of the reasons for living – putting in the future a day when the present order of things should be fulfilled.

   When Christ pointed out to His followers the signs of His return, He foretold the state of apostasy that would exist just prior to His actual return at the end of ages. A state of misinformed misalignment to respect for appreciation for the natural ways God designed for men and women to share has pervaded our understanding - as in the days of Noah before the Great Flood the activities of the right things for the wrong reasons, the stir of worldly business, pleasure seeking, buying/selling, planting, building, marrying and giving in marriage… all with forgetfulness of God and His life of purposes in and through those things.

   Marriages have never witnessed such general declension of loyalty to shared faithful decisiveness as at the present. Truly, respect for the vows of marriage between a man and woman, as the foundation of Christ’s Church in the world, should be awakened and search made into the causes of these afflictions; for as an affliction we all as citizens of our respective communities, states, and countries, should view it. When we call to mind how ‘few and far between’ cases of true togetherness and unity of family are, and the almost unparalleled impertinence and hardness of self-serving attitudes, we almost involuntarily exclaim, “Has God forgotten to be gracious?” Or, “Is the door of mercy closed?”

  For those living then and now Christ’s admonition is: “Take heed to yourselves, lest at any time your hearts be overcharged with surfeiting, and drunkenness, and the cares of this life, and so that day come upon you unawares.” “Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all those things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man. Luke 21:34, 36

“We may not be all that spiritual, but God is and that’s good enough for us.”   ~ Jason Malone

This is no Masquerade Escapade.

Secrecy (sneaking) disguises itself as privacy

   Privacy protects confidential matters between people who are responsible to one another. Secrecy hides matters from others to whom one is responsible as if they are confidential when they are not. Secrecy confuses hidden matters with protection to give an impression there is no matter of consequence. Privacy acknowledges there are personal matters of consequence, in the levels of commitment people’s lives in marriage and family have that others not responsible in honoring any particular marriage do not have.

   A man and woman’s privacy in marriage is the only social agreement on the face of the earth that any other type and source of agreement cannot legitimately displace. Everyone has conflicting desires that lead to certain activities (seemingly inconsequential, and devastatingly consequential, depending in and on ramifications to family, friends, and general society) they do not want others to know about. The hypocritical nature of emotional confusion is steeped in curiosity combined with an instinctual yearning for learning, combined with misunderstood hunger and self-preservation needs.

   Nobody wants to be “left out” from living personal private rights and social public rights. Nobody wants to miss its meanings; and how justified awareness of existence may find validation through personal and group chosen activities. Secrecy causes a stirring of mixed conflicting emotions; guilt, fear, shame, self edification… that produce a compensating excitement to offset being outside self-respect and respect for our accomplices. That respect, a gift of grace from God, can only be appreciated as practicable in realizing our gratitude for Christ’s covering is also of Him and not our own effort.

   The more vigorous and intense negatives drive increasing false positives, the deeper blocks of bondage against simply honestly honoring who we are through trust and faith become. Privacy has, not the opposite from secrecy but a working awareness in a different realm of understanding, thankful appreciation we are accepted as one with our married partner no matter situations and circumstances we are involved. This gives the strength of companioning togetherness to apply thoughtful trust and faith to share all a man and woman are without others manipulating alternative and substitute alignments.

   As any group has particular peer-pressure “the more the merrier” desires to facilitate ongoing substantiation of interests, personal rights to privacy in reasons for choice remain ultimately in conflict with group cohesion in shared reason for purpose – unless there is group respect for personal position(s) within a family. The more intrusive a group (including organized church entities, workplace involvement, and schooling) is in eliminating individuality to program individuals into being “one with the unity of the group”, the more power the group has.

   Naturally created individuality builds opposition to a pride-based group through using each of the members’ natural senses of self-preservation and protection designed to honor God in the privacy of family structures. Properly, in keeping social turmoil and malcontent to a minimum, God designed a chasm of difference between secrecy and privacy that is centered in and around the integrity of privacy as found in trusting our issues of life in Him to those of marriage and family bond. The Gospel states this life is for our purposes in overcoming our fallen state of being deceived away from God’s reasons we exist.

   It is easily understood that influences and persuasions undermining our priorities of respect for spouse, children, and extended family, in that order, are Satan’s primary mode of division. Anti-family disrespect founded in hidden motives is also social disrespect and turns proper personal privacy into senses of seductive secrecy via inverted attentions - a ‘sense’ to do as one wishes in a wrong way as opposed to doing as one wishes in a right way.

   Every dwelling has a door, and a lock on that door, against intrusion from the social outside because there are people in communities who do not respect their own lives, and every master bedroom door should also have a lock (respect for privacy by others if not a physical lock). It has been rightly said that locks are to keep honest people honest. Honesty is engendered by trusting togetherness and no other way. A married man and woman grow into one through faithing day by day their sharing of who they are for God’s sake.

   Children are doing the opposite, day by day, in growing away from openness to their parents in family privacy behind the front door, in a gradual separating from their parents’ unity, into finding a mate with which he or she can grow into the oneness of open togetherness God designed marriage to represent. Acquiring what we desire to use for living should not be to gain peer approval; from the homes we live in, the food we eat, the clothes we wear, the activities we engage, and so on…

   What we have and do should never consider impressions and perceptions about what others will say or think while appreciating appreciations from others is accepted as complimentary concern – even if it seems to be critical, derogatory, insulting, belittling, or offensive. When popular opinion drives our emotional senses of worthiness (acceptance) and/or inadequacy (rejection), we are giving our faith in God’s will of desire for our own lives and prosperity over to the world’s standards.

   Additionally, working to form a loved one’s attitude by worldly expectations transfers faith in our personal commitments of assurance to commonly held assumptions about general religious observances. In our time communication devices make another hurdle to leap when keeping personal lives in order. Usually not considered is interactive and static media, an online computer (including cell phones), have the same legal personal privacy status as does a dwelling (including acreage within the legal survey perimeters),.

   As one expects his or her pockets are private, not secret,  the US Mail delivery box, bank account access information, and vehicles are off bounds, without acknowledged permission, to anybody who may have interest in information and/or items one may possess… as are web sites such as this constitute, in the entirety of their pages, viable legal sets of documents (before man and God). Though the purpose of witness is determined by the author, their will of lawful control is innately against tampering by anyone who has no authorized legitimate approval.


   In a world where the usual is called normal, this shared message of witness will seem most bizarre to many who, especially, look in what they encounter for rationale of what they already hold as unreliably proper. The primary reason that widespread assumption exists is traditionally found in thinking Christ Himself is the equalizing counterpoint, the force of good vs. satan’s force of evil. What it causes is the ‘accidental’ acceptance of light against darkness philosophies where the Light of Truth of God somehow seems to need darkness to shine forth.

Throughout getmarriedfirst.com; getmarriedfirst/international, arrowlamp / waysong - victory mountain, divine physics, spiritual mechanics - nature’s mental health, US Patriot pages, enduring hope, and changes effect the message is not a new way of living separately from God’s consistent Way all peoples of the ages have encountered. There is nothing new here, though perhaps ignored, forgotten, or lost to general understanding.

We do not have, and do not claim to have, a new prophecy, message, or religious deviance or cultish undercurrent of ‘rejection in the name of acceptance’ of God’s righteous purity through His truth in Christ. Everything shared is Biblically based, everything shared is nothing new but is given in the emphasis from and unto God in Christ from our corner of the universe with regard to our particular mission for His sake. Most of what is written on these sites' pages is our witness of what we hear and see in the news compared with what it says in the Bible.

Applying our responses to requests for us to do this work, to share what we have with those who will respond in their own lives, we hope to achieve God’s purposes and not our own through this witness. As talents and abilities are distinct and different to fulfill the purposes of Creation’s designs there, of course, are many overlapping efforts of prophecy, evangelism, teaching, and pastoral leadership.

One and the same for all, though, is an acknowledged respect for general and specific standards regarding marriage and being married as it is realized by all. This does not, however, include intrusion into the personal private bond of will of choice between a married man and woman, for their duty of responsibility to authority is in first and always God’s hands. Directly, if somebody has been and/or is using you as a crash dummy these sites are not only for you, they are also for them. In that, our work here is also a road to healing for anybody who has, or believes they have, a sullied or just plain nasty bad reputation.

People, in the pride of personal achievement over hidden fears, do many forbidden things in the name of freedom. What they fail to see is that self-esteem through self-validating activities actually enslave those who become involved. When liberty becomes license, liberty is not only misconstrued – those who misconstrue are themselves shackled so they lose the liberty of which Scriptures speak. True freedom comes not in the freedom to sin, but from the freedom not to sin.

Those who live unto self and the world’s social constructs can be ‘changed’, like anyone else, only by the Spirit of God in Christ. This is why, as in all ages, a deep spiritual awakening is sorely needed today. People and governments cannot legislate successfully against the problems that face nations, communities, and families. No matter how many laws are passed, or how many good intentions there may be, in those persons outside of Christ their instinctual self-preserving nature is in control.

It may be subdued at times through human education, techniques, and containment; it may be controlled by sheer active discipline at other times, but there will come times when these works of the flesh, the intentions of gaining and retaining attentions the wrong ways for the wrong reasons, will manifest themselves by boiling over in strife and eventually war. In reality, as opposed to following a self-perpetuating dream, one’s thinking is subject to his or her faith rather than faith being subject to one’s thinking.

A faithing Christian is a new creation through Christ’s resurrection subject to His will. Not a product of social expectations. He or she can allow positive helpful control of the Holy Spirit with respect to the priorities of living in agreement with a committed partner; and produce the fruit of the Spirit which is a whole new set of principles (as old as creation itself) that develop a new family in their order of shared existence of awareness – and could consequently produce a ‘new society’.

Romans chapter 12

For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: Not of works, lest any man should boast.   Ephesians 2:8-9

“Dear God our Father in heaven, have mercy on me my (husband/wife) in all (he/she) is concerning every aspect of (his/her) being, no matter what; for the sake of our together name unto You for your Name’s sake. Have mercy on (him/her) concerning myself for the sake of Your glory.

Lead and guide us, heal us, and touch our hearts, minds, and efforts to be the witness we married to be unto each other and thereby unto others.

Cleanse us and shield us from the dark misunderstandings that corrupt Your Word of Truth and bring us into the shared togetherness married privacy enjoys according to our matrimonial vows.

Protect our faith in our expectations for each other based in Your promises to defend our togetherness against anyone who may be jealous, ill-mannered, or determined to cause difficulties that seem to be insurmountable.

Thank You for Your loving-kindness and longsuffering in our behalf, I pray through faith in the authority of Jesus Christ our Savior, Amen.”

... He has the whole world in His hands