Religious Quagmire
Religious Quagmire

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It takes an extreme load of untoward intent from God's provided gift of living faith for a person to consistently apply his or her belief expectations to evolutionary natural selection.

Suggestion: All mathematics can be readily useful when the fraction, decimal, is understood. Particular notice of reciprocal is essential. Not accidentally, the Gospel message (as in John 3:16-21) can be comprehended sensibly by relating proportion and its reciprocal to personal responsibility.

For those who inquire, the symbol: ‘3’ in the below equation represents the whole prime number ‘3’. It is  not p [pi]. p is inexact leaving room for astronomical as well as simple error.

To view the equation it must be selected (highlighted):

                  I 0/3

   Where 'I' signifies "Intent" and 'O' signifies "All inclusive" and "All exclusive". The four aspects of all knowable existences manifested are: Inward, Outward, Start, and Finish. There was no initial “Big Bang” because Divine Objective pre-existed creation of our temporal universe.

About light and gravity: Light can be measured because it has continuing incidence. Various types of light vibrate at different frequencies. As there are wave forms slower than light, there are wave forms faster than light.

Gravity is not a vibration and therefore has no frequency. It is a constant pressure presence through which vibrations move. Gravity cannot be directly measured. Anything with a rate of movement affected by gravity can be measured.

Time, as it is never now but always past and future, is simultaneously past and future. Therefore, light-waves moving through gravity are secured to gravity’s regulating pressure while being unconstrained by time.

Truth cannot be obtained from the physical properties, or material consequence/circumstance, of reality. However, physical reality can be brought forth from the witness of truth.

The Time/Space provision for Linear Physical Existence is ultimately 'bound', by the Will of our Creator, where the scientific forcing of the material purpose of probabilities becomes 'entangled'.

(The above should be sufficient to point anyone interested in the right direction. The actual formulas are not posted to value precautions. For those in dire need: macro (cosmic) and micro (nano) points are all, at once, expanding from the same center. Sequencing is paramount to considering solutions.)


   Many years ago I was fascinated with Albert Einstein's theory of relativity because, from my perspective, he was searching to validate through calculated observation the way the universe came into being. Not that I assumed he was trying to invalidate the existence of God via science, but just the opposite. The reasons I took this stance were:

Albert Einstein was a Jew and Jews, by their religious prominence in the world, are thought to be the people of the God of the Bible. The Bible declares most directly that God created the universe, so it was a direct connection to see Einstein was working to make practical application of creative mystery.

Long before Einstein there was Sir Isaac Newton who, as a Christian believer, spent much of his life working through the Bible on language codes of prophecy. His work led to a modern discovery of what has been called a "Bible Code" that reveals modern names, dates, and events in detail when the Hebrew characters of Scripture are read in certain patterns of order.

Sir Stephen Hawking worked for many years calculating the aspects and nature of Black Holes in space with the determination to discover and understand the "Big Bang" that began the universe we live in. His work came to a decision of whether the observer of reality as an event unfolds is either outside, or part of, the event simultaneously.

I appreciate his discovery that a black hole does not reach a point of such condensed mass that it explodes. It, rather, just completely disappears as the collected mess of confusion is transferred into another universe where it spreads entirely out into an ordered peace. Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, and Stephen Hawking knew mathematics as a language much better than most of us know our native tongue.

When I discovered the Hebrew language expresses numerical values in its characters, I realized the Bible itself must in some way be a vast mathematical formula based in what I believed is an inspired word of witness from God, the creator of the universe. I was blessed in an unusual way in addressing the Hebrew language because I had rarely heard it spoken and could read none of it.

This allowed a particular noticing of the numerical values of the characters without the distraction of any auditory intrusion in my thoughts and considerations. Considering what I thought to be an error in approach - the secular efforts to hold scientific rules of discovery to the isolation of the observer to the observed - Moses and the people of Israel in the wilderness became a pattern for my endeavor to read the mathematics of the Torah.

This is where I discovered the connection between the stated will of God and quantified Intent according to the interaction of the observer with the observation. Certainly, the observation will be different depending on the observer in correlation with the creative purposes of the observer and the reason the event is applied to all other events. In each instance of event there is absolute unique difference from every other observer.

At the same time all observers and observations are the same in the sharing of the process. So, as each is separate and distinct, each is affected completely by the others. When there is disharmony and disarray, an obstinate refusal to accept interaction with the intended event, the event itself changes away from its original purpose and takes on a new purpose, even though the original purpose still exists.

When the observer remains uninvolved with the observation, and therefore loses his or her place to be observed as part of the observation, the observation loses its intended purpose for which the existence of light came to be. This "creates" a darkness that is absolutely finite and absolutely infinite at the same time because the purpose and the intent are counteracted through the existence of the act.

God is not a haphazard design and builder architect/engineer working for a mega galactic corporation. He is as consciously present in the minutest particle we cannot imagine as He is in the vast reaches of the universe beyond our knowing. All time is simultaneously in His hands. Aside from the physical mechanics of Creation, God Himself provided all we can know and observe to exist so that our world may have its place for us to reach out to Him.

To explain the difference between the good and bad (or evil) most religionists think is the difference between God and the devil - two sides of the same coin of balance - it is needful to see it as a mathematical equation. The left side, the dark side, is the problem; the language that transmits meanings we understand to figure in arriving through the equal sign to an answer.

The solution we gain to work with is the right, or light side and gives the impression there is an opposite but complimentary absolute difference that is the same on both sides. What makes temporal reality not itself real is it’s earth-bound limited capacity to ‘break the rules’ of dimension we know has something for us to acquire always quite beyond our grasp.

Other stars, planets, worlds or what-have-you are merely part of the background needed to keep Mother Earth in the delicate poise in space it has to allow God’s glory to manifest. Reality of the Gospel of creation already knows the particulars that make up an equation we work with to understand, make, and build the environment around us.

Life and its living unto God is solved before we attempt to reverse engineer what He has for us to use. In that, since each of us are born, live for a time, and will die the equation is ‘dead’ to our overall purposes exactly where we are alive to understand how to use our tools to honor our living with those around us.

The light of awareness from God in Christ has no opposite darkness to offset its purity. Therefore, our place in Him has authority over both the knowledge of good and the knowledge of evil which are essentially the same because it is our knowledge, and not God’s though it is His gift of will to us, we call good or bad.

That is when I thought of my family in an ironic way. The Theory of Relativity, coincidentally (?) has as a root the meaning to 'relate' or 'relationships' or 'relatives'... The structure of the family, as God designed it to be, has an intent of purpose far beyond any of the misunderstandings and selfish manipulations many people believe is their right.

I understood that God is not a God of intimidation as many religions declare for control and profit. He is a God of invitation. He is a forgiving God and has the infinite grace of Absolute Light to clearly vanquish completely any black hole of darkness that may be a part of any of us that does not belong.

This is done by accepting in appreciation our awareness of personal existence as a gift of purpose from the Source of the universe (where, in marriage between a man and a woman, there is a shared light of established awareness), instead of working to establish each our own wisdom of experiences to exist as a right of self-determination in the contrived use of ourselves and those around us.

There is no such thing as the past and the future. There is only an accepting and rejecting of proper and improper associations, respectively. Gratitude in faith for who God proclaims we are in Who we accept, allows an honest contrition of spiritual reliability in freedoms of positive expression; while contempt in doubt for who we reject over what we believe ourselves and others are, binds us to a haughty calculating negative exasperation.

Both conditions find a common sense of personal fulfillment: The first works to improve circumstances to validate responsible views. The second rejects circumstances to find alternative views. The difference is in whether we deem people as loved by God in Christ, or rejected by God in their difficulties.

God designed a graceful balance in humanity that compliments acceptance with rejection. The contradiction finds an intermeshed agreement where exclusive single family integrity in privacy respects the service right of a mutual societal discourse for universal safety, wellbeing, and prosperity.

Without the strength of family unity bound by the core of authority in respect for the holy (set apart) bonds of matrimony, unconstrained social variance creates a pandemonium of intrusive turmoil.

“… There is in the history of human thought, as elsewhere, a pattern of death and rebirth. The old, richly imaginative thought which still survives in Plato has to submit to the deathlike, but indispensible, process of logical analysis: nature and spirit, matter and mind, fact and myth, the literal and the metaphorical, have to be more sharply separated, till at last a purely mathematical universe and a purely subjective mind confront one another across an unbridgeable chasm.

But from this descent also, if thought itself is to survive, there must be reascent, and the Christian conception provides for it. Those who attain the glorious resurrection will see the dry bones clothed again with flesh, the fact and the myth remarried, the literal and the metaphorical rushing together.

… There are those who accept God as a ‘great spiritual force’ or ‘ultimate value’ or ‘the indwelling principle of beauty, goodness, and truth,’ but grow uneasy if you speak of a God who has purposes, who acts and loves, commands and forbids, and “worketh until now.” They feel it is too ‘anthropomorphic’.

Progress in religion means for them stripping off the crude or savage images; first the human shape, then human passions, then activity, volition, personality – in the end, every concrete or positive attribute. There is left an inert and colorless abstraction. One sees how it happens. Prophets and saints who have known God deny these human attributes.

But they do this to make room for something positive, for the plenitude of love, joy, and energy which they have encountered. We, limping after, accept their negations but cannot replace the things they eliminate with those vibrant realities for whose sake alone they were eliminated. Thus at every step ‘God’ means less. We had better go back to images unless we can really go beyond them.

The crudest Old Testament picture of Jaweh thundering, smiting, or “repenting” – even a Hindu idol with a hundred hands – is wiser in its naiveté than our abstraction. But we have a better image; the fierce, tender, consoling exacting ironic Christ, the most concrete Fact and most personal Person there ever was, is the image of the invisible God.

We are reluctant to abandon an abstract Diety for this. No wonder. There comes a moment, in approaching a dimly seen object, when someone cries, “Look out! It’s alive”; a moment when children who were pretending there were robbers in the house hush suddenly . . . was that a real footstep downstairs?

So here. It is a sort of Rubicon one goes across – or not. But if you do, you have no security against Miracle. You may be in for anything. If the ultimate Fact is not as abstraction but the living God, then He might do things. He might work miracles. But would He? Many people of sincere piety feel that He would not.

They think it unworthy of Him. It is petty and capricious tyrants who break their own laws: good and wise kings obey them. Only an incompetent workman will produce work which needs to be interfered with. This feeling springs from deep and noble sources in the mind and must always be treated with respect. Yet it is, I believe, founded on an error.” 

~ C. S. Lewis – Miracles cir. 1947


The Good News is, we have what C. S. Lewis refers to, then and now. Hebrews 11:1 says, “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” When it is understood that faith is of the Cross and hope is of the Resurrection, we then know our living successes in this life draws from our life eternal.

Faith-action unto God in Christ is a devoted promise to another in marriage to be intentionally animated together. Those are people freed in their acceptance of living a natural life; from the necessary cultural bondages of structured behavioral standards and controls that must exist without Him if He were to not exist; except in categorical emotionally ordered opinions in on/off-going attempts to alleviate personal fears of the vast and unknowable universe.

Where it all began

   We think of Genesis chapter one as an event in linear history. We tend to automatically believe creation (prophecy) was finished before the Garden of Eden and God sat back to deal with the unfolding results. However, all times of time are superimposed concurrently. God says He is the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. That means the first chapter of the Bible is happening now.

The seven days are the seven thousand years until the end when He rests… the millennium of Christ’s reign. Each of us is created in the beginning, 1] grows through the time of a law unto our self to die in the flood of self-doubt, 2] learns the Law of Moses by obedience to worldly self responsibility, and 3] acknowledges that law of the orders of Truth in Christ are finished by God.

Because we are all singularly in chronological different stages in our personal orientation to the days of creation, while our finished place in Christ is yet beyond our grasp, we have arguments about the variances of our levels of perspective – and our faith-reliant yearning to know each our own unique duties.

The Bible says that all things are in, of, and by the Word of God. God spoke and out of nothing came into being all that is. There is a Tree of Life, Jesus Christ, Who produces the fruits of God’s desire for Creation. Adam and Eve, married by God, lived in harmony, trust, and respect with God in the Garden of Eden.

The fall of humanity to adversity against God’s design and desire in the Truth of His Word came through an intrusion of a gossiping anti-word of jealous envy expressed in Satan’s lying words to Eve: “Yea, hath God said, Ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden?” Here, Satan spoke to Eve addressing the same matters of life and death that God had addressed with Adam and Eve through a conversational word.

God’s intent of heart is directly transparent in the speaking of His Word. But, the adversary’s intent in his pandering to people’s instinctual emotions is hidden. Since a word of knowledge contains the intent of the heart, Eve was deceived by her trust that Satan was speaking from a legitimate position of authority.

What may on the surface seem to be an honest witness of God’s own Word to Adam and Eve is Satan’s exploitation of the respect in Authority God had with Adam and Eve, and the respect of authority Adam had with Eve to God.  Challenging her to challenge God’s Authority through disrespecting their obedience to God through Adam, Satan prompted Eve to respond to him through her own sense of indignation with:

“We may eat of the fruit of the trees of the garden: But of the fruit of the tree which is in the midst of the garden, God hath said, ‘Ye shall not eat of it, neither shall ye touch it, lest ye die.’” In this, Eve gave up her respect to Adam’s authority through her initial attempt to counteract Satan’s disrespect to God.

Through Satan’s appeal to her curiosity, he thus undermined Eve’s dependence to rely in Adam, for God’s sake, by tempting her pride of personal protectionism in defending herself (which was actually of Adam in God). Satan then took authority directly from Eve’s independently expressed will by responding with the direct lie:

“Ye shall not surely die: For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil.” Satan’s ulterior motives through gossip, the stolen attentions of the Word of living, was to use a host of compliance between Creation and his desire to have things his perverted way.

His primary and continuing force of attack is based in the avenues of communication simply because all things true are constantly from the Word of God Who is not situational facts and/or circumstances, but is the Power of Existence itself (or Himself). And oftentimes, when feeling intimidated, people will assume that God is thoughtless because He already has things worked out.

A self-centered person will believe another thoughtless when necessary dependency becomes unnecessary demand. Aside from God’s Holy Spirit of Truth flowing out from the inner man through faith in Christ, when a person makes a statement he or she believes is true, it either is or is not true no matter what anyone believes.

When another person agrees with the first person’s statement, he or she may believe it to be true because of their acceptance of the proclamation’s content. Or, they may for the sake of expedience and desire for shared perspective, recklessly agree. To say, “That’s true!” in response is untrue to say and not respectful to the belief the first speaker believes, nor is it respectful to the first speaker.

Also, the second person disrespects (debases) his or her self the same way by declaring the shared belief to be true. More importantly, telling another their belief is ‘true’ denies that God Himself holds the full franchise on what is true and what is not. Trust in whom a person is to another in his or her position of faith active priorities allows an open non-defensive allowance for good opinion.

“This is what I believe to trust God with my efforts.” is an appropriate understanding when sharing one’s belief. “I agree.” or “I disagree.” are appropriate as responses and gives all involved the opening to reality that automatically dissolves ‘right-over-wrong’ or ‘wrong-against-right’ self-perpetuating battles of will in worldly knowing.

Anyone may be speaking actual truth or what is believed to be true the same, while recognition of the difference of Christ’s Truth from the knowledge of good and evil depends entirely in each person’s trust through faith in God through Jesus Christ; every time, all the time, anyone and everyone speaks.

The structure of God’s Kingdom, of which all people belong to Christ whether they believe so or not, is founded in loyalty. This is why who someone is is not what he or she does. Who anyone is is why he or she does what they do. This loyalty of Royalty is from God in and through Jesus Christ, the King of kings and Lord of lords.

A man’s word is sure and true in the Truth of the Spirit of God when he is loyal to who he is concerning his wife, children, family, and others – in that order unto God through Christ. It is not the spoken word of a man or woman itself that is true or whether who is right or wrong. It is playing the ‘Blame Game’ that causes most problems people suffer whether private or public.

It is to whom each is loyal to for God’s sake that makes his or her speaking true in representing and respecting God in Christ, in the man, in the woman, in their children, in their family, in their community that gives one’s justifying credence to Creation.

Properly reversing that order, Community is of the family, Family is of a marriage, and Marriage is of God; all in tiered respect for a word of promise from above.

"An ounce of prevention is truly worth a pound of cure."

(This ancient phrase is referring to British currency denotations where the “ounce of prevention” speaks of God’s admonition to Adam and Eve not to eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. The “pound of cure”, being a much larger cost, speaks of the Cross and Resurrection of Jesus Christ where He paid the full price for our redemption.

Any efforts to manipulate corrections through hardship to gain ‘development through sorrow and pain’ are destructive to the lives of the prey as well as the facilitating administrators – and, in the end, are deeds in contradiction to the Gospel of Salvation.)

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"Active faith is like a light globe. It takes two steadily connected wires for continuous glowing."

"Only purity of means can justify the ends."